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How to study English

There was result announcement of TOEIC I took an examination on July.
The socre of result is ... 420.

I'm getting depressed as My target score was 500.
But I'm glad to get it there is a little effect(It was 285 on January 2010).

It is the result of study about 4 months
because I've studied English since March 2010.
Maybe, It is in same I was high school student as I got EIKEN Grade Pre-2.

However It is lower than my target score
and I don't know to be valuable reference,
I introduce my how to study English.

English conversation
I study English for RareJob is online English conversation service.
because of actually thinking need English conversation.
It is online English conversation service can speak to students who is 
English speaker of Philippine
and English tutor who is local country by using Skype.

It is 5,000yen for a monthly and You can attend it 25min every day.
I recommend it beacause You can reservate and cancel a lesson
and there are professional English teacher.

First, I think it is good for attending to various tutor and finding to 
some favorite tutores.
In case of mine, I get them are 3 or 4 people tutor in English 
and sometime I find new tutor.
There is the case I can't offten reservate for lesson of popular tutor's.
But I can offten reservate other.
I wish they check this blog for English.

And show the below I study it.


You can remember English words and learn to pronunciations for English word 
in reading long sentence.
I study it in considering grammar at train in way to office now.
I think so I increase the time for study thesre books!
I finished "Basic" and I study "Daily "now.

iPhone Apps
I introduce iPhone Apps for study English.

You can learn English words on quize game. Charged a fee.
I recommend it because you can set the words level example is "high school level"
and it especially makes quiestions for mistakes words.

REAL EIKAIWA(Japanese app name)
You can learn native phrases on quize game. Charged a fee.
I recommend it because you can regist a favorite phrase.

For Example,

"You have no life?"

It is useful. but there is probably unused it.

In case of free.I recommend the iPhone App is released by "".
I doesn't use it so much.But I think it is useful because it is synchronized
learning process for Web and iPhone app.

These are my how to study English.
My target is TOEIC score 700 still I will go to Canada!
I want to get it is the score it is a lowest level of the enterprise
for which English is necessary in Japan.
I think to take an examination of IELTS on this december.
It is effective in Canada better. Because there is Test of Speaking.

Hang on!

Talk to you soon!

The Reason of "Be Globalize"

I think the ideas I wish live with independence and freedom when I was younger.
I took the lead in being a stray lost child...

There were some opportunity what I decided the "Be Globalize".

Foreign voyage
It is a junior high school student that is I felt "World" in first time.
AS My father went abroad USA on the job long term, 
there was the chance I went abroad USA sometime.

Then I remembered it I familiarly felt difference of culture
beacause of goting abroad first time, however I was a junior high school student.
I thought "So Big!"and "What a adventurous!".

I got feeling world  is wide and is connecting each other
because my father worked in foreign country and I went abroad.
This experience is a part of my opportunity I felt "World".

IT engineer
This is 2nd.
After, I became IT engineer left the ecperience 
as I wished to get a technical skill beacause I like creative things.
But I had the problem for English when I researched information technical issues
beacuse a difficult source is often English.

The IT industrial trends is often English I think USA is an advanced nation for IT.
I became to think the necessity of English as I work for IT company.

Offshore Project
The last is offshore project.
Offshore Project is outsourcing a part of system development
to China or other asian company is low cost.
I have also joined to one of offshore project.
that is exactly a multinational force including Japan, china, korea and India.
The most impression is different things each team language.
Also I was surprised by The people of same ganeration asian worked at IT engineer
in Japan.
They say "The way is difference of own country's it!"
but They active by IT engineer in Other country is Japan. 
However, They may be a student of excellence university and it was possible.

I thought then,

Can I live in foreign country so tough?
Does my IT skills hold good in foreign country ?

This is my opportunity I decided "Be Globalize".

IT is Global.
Information technology is global technology.I 'm IT engineer of the same them.
I think I have technical skills beacause I have experienced IT engineer
since 7 years ago.
I wish challenging to use own skills I have cultivated in foreign country.
I added I think getting skills and spilits at the over country
connects to independence and freedom.

This is the reason of "Be Globalize"

My job make me to give a lot of changing opportunities transferred temporarily
company.There are difference of a culture and how to develop 
however They is domestic company.They makes me to give the universal skills.
How do the changing country make me.I'm looking forward to it so much.

I have cool idea I wish My challenge help Japanese brand to be globalize the future
and Hang out to come true steadily.

Talk to you soon!

Be Globalize

I will callenge to be Globalize me who is japanese IT engineer and 29 years old.

I will go to Canada on February 2011 and callenge globalize by IT engineer.

I can't speak English fluency yet(TOEIC Score 420 on July 2010).
My Strong point is IT skills that I cultivated during 7years.


Can I use my IT skills to job in the world?
How is another country's IT industry?

I try to challenge it because I have these ideas.

This blog is publishing my challenging processes.

I'm so happy to read it by interesting person.
I will update it moderately.

I try to write it by English. but it is shameful.
There will be a lot of mistakes for English.
I',m glad to check my English by someone.




Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
Show the detail


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