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About Canada

I write about Canada that I haven't been to.


Canada is High latitude all of the country and the most longest country
for north to south in the world as the distance that is from the south end to 
northernmost north is about 4634Km.
the distance that is from the east end to west north is about 5514Km.
There are 6 time zones. It is an consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories.
The Population is about 34 million people.
Country size is 30 times for Japanese one. But the Population is 1/3.
It has a lot of  the oil deposits, the mineral deposits
and uranium producing is top of the world.
In addition, rate of food self-sufficiency is over the 150%.
It is strong on industry of information technology
and Canada has RIM Company
that produces an BlackBerry.
An official language is English and French.
Popular sports is ice hockey, canadian football and baseball.
At MLB, Joseph Votto who is the player of Cincinnati Reds was selected MVP
of the National League. It is the 3th person in history in Canadian.

The immigration policy
In the rare case at the world, The gorvernment adopts 
the immigration policy positively. The culture is various culture and race. 
It receives immigrants into this country is set at 200,000-250,000 per year.
It is an objective that is a declining number of children measures
and securing skilled workers.
As permitted the application of immigration,
You got a permanent residency
and got a medical insurance system of the country.
In the Canada, The medical free is realized 
and the country pays the medical cost 
except medicines and dentists.
The application of immigration is a pont system.
It is possible for having more 67 points.
The points is calculated by Education, Proficiency in English and/or French,
Experience, Age, Arranged employment in Canada, Adaptability.
The Experience is intended for including Experience List.

At 2010.6, modified the application of immigration,
The Experience List was modified.
IT engineer is excluded for it.
As I come from the country of "SUPER MARIO",
Will not permit me for "PlumbersPlumbers"...
In the my case, The point is 70 points now if I was "Plumbers" and got a job.

Auto calculation site for needs points of application of immigration
(Skilled Workers)(Japanese)

The education
According to International Student Assessment,
Canada has the scholastic ability is more higher than Japan.
In addition, as the education is carried out every  provinces,
Educational system is difference too.
The education is also variety.
So, It is interesting at "The education for Media Literacy".

"The education for Media Literacy" is...
-Understand work, feature, role by media for society. 
-Analysis and Criticism to message of media
-Making the media(try to organize or radio using several media)
the learning is the education for Media Literacy.
It is a required subject for elementary school to high school. 

The education for Media Literacy is said that the lesson
using PC, Audio, Video in Japan. But it is thing that learning about "Media",
included the mass media, is TV and Radio, Movie, Music and Internet. 

For Example, Analysis how is a bad influence for children
by scene of violence at media drawing.
I'm amazed at having started the lesson since 1987.
I became thinking each news by myself, not believe in straightly.
Because I have be worker now. But Making media is to be conscious field, 
as there are SNS service, is Twitter etc.
I would like to experience to learn about it by going there actually.

Hearing from Canadian
Nowadays, Fortunately, I got to know Canadian
and I could hear fresh Canada's information.
The difference of my impression is thing that
there isn't a lot of skiing ground at east.
It is unexpected as I think we can skiing and snowboarding somewhere.
"Banff" is recommended for ski.
There is only Mountain when I see there at Google Map.
The skiing ground of Canada isn't a course likely Japan and
generally, we ski in trees with compressing snow.
Certainly, Hokkaido one's is likely it perhaps.


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I was recommended Montreal for learning English.
Because Immigration city, likely Toronto, doesn't fit for learning English
as there are variety country people
and there are variety languages besides English.
The part of that things, We can learn English concentrated
as there aren't a lot of immigration people
and using often English or sometime French.

About the country character, West Canada has a lot of nature
and human character isn't kind so much.
But East Canada is city and it is kind. It is contrary to my expectations.
I'm wondering that It is truth although he say to come from West Canada.
He was kind so much...

And so, He taught ice hockey is say "Hockey" to me. 

In wrote them, there are some culture shocks in the researching a little.
There are a lot of culture shocks when I go to there actually and live in.
Seeing is believing.
It make me to give to want to go the place and do thing more.
I want to go early!

And I referenced the following book

Talk to you soon!

Last Camp

I went to outdoor camping. I have not gone for a long time.
We spend a lot of money on food and drunk with the members of regular at the camp.
We are 3 men and often challenge to limit of a stomach and a liver.


I have gone to outdoor camping with same members since some years ago.
Our opportunity that we wanted to go to camp is the conversation of
"Why not is it exiting to go to outdoor camping with our family?"
Although We couldn't go to camp so much recently
because there is a marriage and a childbirth, We went to it at regular intervals.

We have't gone to outdoor camping so much at the beginning.
I bought likely "A handbook of outdoor camping" and exited each other with nostalgia.
I had even imagined we want be the homeless
because Though the exquisite pleasure of camping is useless, we bought a lot of tools
of camping and the surrounding of camping got conveniently more and more.

Nowadays There are parts for task of camping each other and
we have got skills of setting up, cooking and putting away on the same wavelength.
The good memory is often discussed about position of a barbecue tool
but in nighttime we are around the barbecue tool
and we have korean-style barbecued time at starlight sky in the end.


By the way, we have regular food. It is "corned beef".
I recommend it. The nice thing is to grill slowly and eat it with having a spree.

The camping with this members was put off for a long time.
So, the last time may go to outdoor camping with "regular members".
One's friend have been married and a baby was born to him.
Another friend may get married.
For my case is, Knowing, I will go to far away....

"For the future"
It is also happy that we can do the same things with same members for long time.
But I think it is to be delightful memories and  great hopes for the future,
because There are some changes for us.
"For the future", We said each other when we bought a lot of tools.
This words is a conventional phrase for us.
For example, "Is it necessary to buy ?" "For the future",
is used when buy table more though we are 3 people.

I can't have the time go to camp for some years after this.
But I want to have the time of camping
we had image of "For the future" in the next time.
Although I have dropped off from it, I will hang on for coming true.
So, I advance toward the homeless...

Curry Rice and White Stew

Hamburger and Shellfish

Before and After(Caught a eel)

Okonomiyaki and Rice cooked with fish

I displayed the some past pictures. We seemed this allways.
Only foods!

Talk to you soon!


I have run at the Marathon! It was 42.195km.
It was first time I run a marathon in my life.
It is one of planning I can do it I hope before going abroad.
Although I had a confidence as I practice usually exercise running,
It was a cruel experience so much...


The 8km of hell
The 25km point was the starting to the hell.
I passed turning point for 2 hours and
I thought I may finish for 4 hours in a moment.
There was a happening was muscle cramps in both legs at the point!?
I stretched a leg and I got muscle cramps in another leg.
It was a limitless routine.
And I became the condition I couldn't walk another step.
We have an impression of calves about muscle cramps,
But then I got some muscle cramps in all legs at the same time.
Of course calves, knees, thigh and finger even.
In the end I felt dizzy for the pain.
I have myself to blame for running of keeping to passing about 2 hours
My muscle has reached the limits of my patience.
I overestimated my ability. It is important that keeping speed fits me.

In that condition, I earnestly continued to keep walking
and I managed to finish the marathon.
There is the big aid station where is the most of
providing meals and water at the 33km point.
As I ate a lot of meals at the place, It had an immediate effect on my body.
I was quickly recovering from my fatigue. And I could become to run again.
I wonder if a hungry relate to muscle fatigue.

Luckily, the 8km of hell is from the 25km to 33km taught me
who is a spineless man to have spirit and guts.
Actually, I felt "Just keep going!".

In addition, I felt a cooperation. It is the aid station and friends who run with me too.
I perked up when my friends joined to me and run with me a few time in my hardship.
We manage to get along by supporting each other.
Even so, The good thing was I managed to finish the marathon with patient!

The Niagara Falls International Marathon
So, I had found before a week of the marathon. Shown below.

It is over the border of the marathon from USA to Canada.
You can run with watching The Niagara Falls.
I did not know the marathon until I watched the news
which is "Hiroshi Neko(He is a Japanese comedian)" run at the marathon
and  became 10th and top of Japanese ranking.
Moreover, I will stay at Toronto City where is near The Niagara Falls.
I think I have one's destiny to it... How do I handle this?
As I run recently, I can't say "I will enter it!". But I won't have the chance so.
I will consider it in a positive light after more time.

Talk to you soon!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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