December 2010's ARCHIVES


At this December, I resigned from the company that I have worked
for about 4 and a half years. 
Thanks for paying much attention to me
and everyone pleasantly saw me off  so much.

The company is small and medium-sized enterprises
which has 10 employees. I was invited from a person who was a coworker
at same project at before my job and  I entered.
Then, during there isn't a fellow worker help me
and I participated a project alone, it give me to an environment which has
person of teaching, person of target, respect to person.

All members who has a spilt of independence are people of rich individuality.
I joined it too, I think combining to be honored. 
Because It is a small company which has 10 employees,
I could see the company clearly and I could be entrusted with a lot of things
and I could get the several challenge.

the opposite to it is divided vertically into divisions,
I feel it is slightly different to a big company.
Rather than the enterprise, It may be a community of free engineers nearly. 
In the favor, I spread my vision of things, I could has a conception
which is unhesitant and flexible against something.

I could get a lot of experiences only at small company.
It is also the project of renewal web site, the project of starting up
new solution and being organizer of some events.
In main tasks, There are the time sometime when I think
it is troublesome to do the tasks. But now, I really feel each experiences
is related with each other and useful somewhere.

For I was in the environment, It make me to try to "Be Globalize" and decide it.
Although I resigned, I will happy to do something with everyone, 
each company or each individualize.

Thank you for your kindness really everyone. 
In addition, Thanks for your some heart-fully support.

It would be greatly appreciated when it will be possible to repay
the kindness in the near future though there might be the future
and a thing that public and private matters multiply both troubles, too. 
My best regards in the future. 
Moreover, it sincerely prays for more and more activities of everybody. 
Thank you repeatedly. 

The end of 2010.The year has a lot of things, move the home, marathon. 
I think It is a year of prepare for going to Canada.
And 2011...The first time is that I gets excited to be next year.
I heard "Rabbit year"(It is Eto called in Japanese) is Year that brings luck
for start to new things, because rabbit does "Jump".
The first, I will go to drink and I welcome the New Year with being mellow.

I wish you a Happy New Year!


"IELTS" is an English examination which is adopted at Australia and UK.
At Canada, It is adopted to the English level standard of immigration system.

The Test has Listening/Reading/Writing/Speaking.
It is held to separate on 2 days. This time, I first took it.

I surprised at thing that all of description is English.
Of course, as the examination place is Japan, the staff could speak Japanese.
I felt to start the examination when I just entered the place.
And There were a lot of non-Japanese, so Chinese, Korean, Indian.
I think they were about 1/3.
I see the staff is very hard because there were some of races,
although Almost people is Asian.
There was a non-Japanese who clothed sweatshirt pained "Tokyo"
and so I thought "you are a tourist!"
The immigration city in Canada may be likely this too.

And the bring things is very strict.
-a passport
-some pencils(not mechanical pencils)
-an eraser(take off a cover)
-you can only bring a plastic bottle of water(take off a label)
You have to put your baggages to the keeping baggage floor.
At the examination place, we have to get even tissues
from the examination staff.

The test is to listen some conversations and a fill-in-the-blanks question.
It isn't an exam using a computer-scored answer sheet.
There is the question that listening simple address
and phone number and only write but I may haven't correct.
I failed to get off because it was difference
from my supposition. Especially unexpected thing is how to
the first we write all answers to a question paper
and the last we write the answers to an answer paper.
I noticed it and I failed. It is important that you listen the description
and you read the description in a question paper carefully.

The test is to read some long passages and answer the  question
for relation it. There are about 4 passages.
These were the question(shown bellow).
-Which chapter is the description?
-Does the description correct?(TRUE or FALSE or NOT GIVEN)
-a fill-in-the-blanks question for the description.
The difference from TOEIC, The limit time is better for me.

The test is to write essays about two theme which is decided.
Each themes was called "Task1", "Task2".

<Task1>(The Least 150words 20min)
The theme is that you get married and write about a letter of invitation
to an English speaker friend.
And you have to write following conditions.
-Write about wife or husband
-What happen do you wedding
-Wedding invitation information(time, place etc)

My written conditions was 2nd which get married
because I don't have writing content a little.
How about does markers it?

<Task2>(The Least 250words 40min)
The theme is that a lot of people think that to live in large city is difficult
and answer you about following questions.
--What difficult do you think that you live in a large city.
--What is resolution for issues.
*Including for concrete  examples or experiences

I write it about Tokyo. Was it correct?
It wasn't correct if it is a "big" city usually.

The test is to speak to a test tube in 15min.
Answer to questions from a test tube.
Then a test tube is "Mike" who is a white man. And so, I was recorded by him.
-Introduce yourself about name, place etc
-Talk about  a man who is success(you think for 2min and speak)
-Argument about the given theme
The theme is "What is success and happiness in your life.".

I think I could speak pretty well because there is effective of "RereJob".
But I can't argument so good. To say my opinion with English is difficult.
The last, I was finished by him as I stammered.

Actually I have taken IELTS, I have an impression
that all of things is an examination.
I wrote Name and Candidate number to each question paper and answer paper.
But To listen the description and read the description carefully is important
because how to write is difference in each examinations.
In Writing test, I have to write underline bellow last name.
For me, I tried to take IELTS with the five senses.
Maybe, I feel so when I will go to Canada.
After finished, My body got many sweat. It is different from TOEIC.

Well, although there are not a lot of  non-Japanese, Why are there a lot of them?
Certainly, I thought that it is easy to take it for them
who are English speaker because the description is written by English. 
Also in Japan, I wonder if there are a lot of companies
which adopt IELTS for standard of the recruitment.

After a few years, I will try to take IELTS. 
But I also took TOEIC exam recently and the score was 375... So dangerous!

Talk to you soon!

Language academy & Airline ticket

I applied to Language academy and I got an Airline ticket recently.

The place I will go is Toronto! The Day I will go is at the beginning of February!
So, I can have reality impression and get nervous.

I decided Toronto where one is staying.
Toronto is top of the Industrial city in Canada. Also There are a a lot immigrants.
I thought a good environment for me who I try to work.
I'm concerned about that summer season is short
and the temperature is cold, Compared with Vancouver.
It may be the same all over the Canada because a latitude is
higher than "Hokkaido(the Japanese the most north place)" in Canada.
Instead, an underground city is developed.

Language academy
In I decide that I go to Language academy, I had two important points.
-Large scale

Of cause, a top of purpose is study English at there.
It is an international environment more and more,
I thought I got the chance that I speak English
and I'm making rapid progress in my English.
To practice is important in everything.
The large scale makes us meet a lot of people.
In addition, I think that we have some connections to them make
makes us worthwhile in Canada's life.
I think it may help me to get job.

The academy I will go is at center if Toronto.
The ratio of students is South American 1/3, European 1/3, Asian 1/3.
There was no Asian at all when actually Videos and Pictures
which were uploaded at Web after I applied. I'm OK???

I applied 4 weeks of General English Program(CA$300/week)
and 4 weeks of a homestay program(CA$200/week).
The first, I take the lessons during a month and I will extend if it is good.
I decided there because It is reasonable in all of Language academy and
Facilities are no bad, cafeteria and a wireless LAN area.

Incidentally, The academy was reported in "Ryugaku Journal(Japanese Magazine)".
I was recommended it when I went to a studying aboard office where is
the school from which one graduated before.
Although I bought 3 issues, be careful please if you buy it for only seek
the language school because the academy was reported
in it is the same in the Canadian case.

Airline ticket
I purchased airline ticket of one way
for according to the day of the entrance of the school.
I considered a round-airline ticket is FIX/OPEN(365 days) but I bought it
because Although it is OPEN, I may pay modified fee if I want to modify
and I can't modify the point of departure.
It is a direct flight of Narira-Toronto. The arrival time is 15:10.
It is first one in to Toronto.
Related to the homestay program, There are also Airport Pick-up(CA$100).
But I didn't order it.
I hope to be not freeze to death all. Am I stingy?

The student life is the gap of 7 years for me after graduation university.
It is the precious time because we can't have studying time in worker.

I think there are a lot of people who want to study as they have own target
after being worker.
As It is a rare opportunity, I would like to devote to play
and study more than student life.

Talk to you soon!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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