February 2011's ARCHIVES


Homestay is first time in my life. I worry it because I haven,t never stay
by homestay. But I think I stay at a nice host family. I can spend lively day
as there are a lot of roommates.

Host family
I stay at the Philippine family which is three people. I can familiar to stay
there easy as I studied at Rerejob.

He is a reticent father. He help the housework, cut many meets, clean a meal.

She is a host mother who is so cute. She often talk to me similar to
real mother. So kind.

He is one son of the family. He is high school student who is friendly
and like music. Nowadays, I feel him that he is the period of rebelliousness
and adolescent:) He has battle to Aurora sometime. I think the student of
another country is the same. He has a girl friend. He likes to
"Apple" and his PC is affixed a seal which is Apple logo, He uses "Safari"
for browser. He is into my Macbook and iPhone.

There are four roommates excluded me at my home stay. My classmate
said it is many people when I ask them. It is pleasant because of living
with a variety age or country.

He is a peacemaker who is profound. In his country, He is a financial analyst.
He came here to study English in taking a long vacation. In Japan, we can,t
have a long vacation, one month, two months, I'm envy it. I thought he
is older than me. But he is younger than me, one age. However, I'm top
of older in this house.

Actually, He is a "Gian"(DORAEMON's character). He is a International
student of pharmacy who is tall and cool. But He is a rowdy fellow and
naughtiness:) He is to be "Movie's Gian"(Gian is kind at the movie) about
twice everyday. I try to teach "Gomennasai"(I'm sorry at Japanese) to him.
But he is a friendly and good. He usually invites me when he go to
somewhere and same school and also my room is beside his room.

He likes a girls and huge breasts. He often check some girls,
so no gentlemen. He is a international student of electronics. He often
sleeps at home. We talk about girls in the morning. He is friendly and I
talk to him easy. I wonder if I'm also no gentlemen...

He is a nice guy very much. He is international of construction. He has
a girlfriend who waites for him in Korea. He already speaks English and
I can depend on him. I heard from him that he feel easy to study English.
Because he have to study more than in Canada.
At university, study about construction is very hard. He likes beer.

Nine people live in the house. Specially, I can hang out or talk with roommates
likely real brother. I may get a experience similar to the big family. I didn't think
that home stay is comfortable here. I'm gald to stay in good family.

Talk to you.

Ready for Working Holiday

Although The language school began and I,m into understanding or
understanding everything by a hair, I wrote the entry that I did to prepare
for going abroad. This is thing that I wanted to write before here.
As I will go to Canada soon, I took various steps for it;(
I didn't have time as I researched it and took immediately because I took
homework at lately summer holidays when I was student.

Foreign moving‐out notification
You formed to a foreign moving‐out notification and turn in it to a public
office. You need to bring an identification papers, a license etc.
And You can be to not take the National Pension and the Health Insurance.

National Pension
The terms, from resigning until going abroad, was exempted because of
submitting the paper of resigning. In future, Receiving national pension
is necessary to take over 25 years(30 months). Moreover in going abroad
case, you can also include the term, ''the term of blank", when you stay
in another country.

Health Insurance
You don't have to take a health insurance if you submit foreign moving‐out
notification. I have remained to not take it after resigning because of
not getting injury and sick. The student who is supported from his parent
may remain to take it.

Foreign tour insurance
I have took a foreign tour insurance which is for one year for
the contingency and getting illness. I'm indemnified from fee of treat
injury and illness, also damage of air baggage and .carrying things.
A doctor's bill is free in Canada, however I think that you should need to
take a insurance because tourists is not. In my case, I have taken a insurance
which I have already taken a life insurance.

International driving permit
You can apply it by driving permit and passport. You can get it immediately
at Center of driving permit. Need application fee. The shortest is about
two weeks when you apply it at police office. The term of validity is one year.
You can't update it. After receiving license, you have to sign it by written
in script. I wonder if the day when I drive a car will come.

Mobile phone
I have had two mobile phone, docomo and softbank(iPhone).
I have't canceled a docomo(only phone number) because I had to pay
cancel fee which is 100 CAD and I can contract for 10 CAD monthly.
I cancelled a softbank. I will swap it if I can luckily find a person who back
to Japan and have a Canadian iPhone because I can,t use iPhone in Canada
for SIM lock. As new iPhone is launched on this june maybe, I don't want
to buy it.

To live in another country may be difficult so much, from own country.
There are a lot of things which I have to do. Before going abroad, I had
to hurry to bank because I forgot to get a certificate of balance which is
necessary for entering into Canada in Working Holiday. Moreover I hurriedly
departed  in statement which baggages wasn't fixed as I could put into it.
Also now, there are many issues! As I knew issues after coming here,
this challenge become survival condition more and more. I don't know
whether I can survive. Hung out!

This picture is my room at home-stay. it always warming. It's good.

Talk to you soon!

Arrived at Toronto!

I arrived at Toronto! I didn't get big trouble and arrived at Home-stay safety.
At airport, I arrived immediately, another Japanese ask me.

"Where do you go?"

"Here. I go to Toronto."

"Oh, so"

"Where do you go?"

"I go to Argentina, He goes to Cuba "

"Um hum"

so, I didn't continue to talk and I left there.
Although I didn,t ask them why do them go there,
why do them ask me!?  There are another japanese people.

And so, I was with Brazilian during going to Home-stay by a car. 
In addition, there are some Brazilian at Home-stay.
So, there are 4 others who stay by Home-stay
Brazilian(3 person), Pakistani?, Korean.
I feel an atmosphere likely South American at Canada. It is unexpected:)

In arrival day, as soon as Karaoke party was started and
they request sing a song to me difficulty so much.
Why is there Karaoke system??? I thought it is Japan only.
"Rape me" which a song is by Nirvana is funny for guys. 
I wonder they don.t know it.

And in the night, I went to night club with guys.
It is busy so much as it is friday's night.

There weren't Japanese. There are a lot of Canadian and Korean.
Girls call me when I was dancing so funny but to pick up is difficult by English.
I did,t got jet lag, thank you. I spent a exiting day since the first day.

Talk to you soon!

Into The World

Today, at last I will go to Canada.

It is after 2 years since I have decided.
I choose also Language School, Home-stay and prepared appeal things
for seeking job. Ready now!

I study English and make some friends, seek a job for the time being.
Finally, I feel that I stood start position.

And so, Only do it. Challenge & Action.

The feeling may be similar to I become IT engineer. It is best to "now".
I imagine that I'm "Be globalize" after a few years and only do it I can.
One More Challenge!

In departure, a lot of people cheered me.
I work hard to the utmost for meeting with smile. 
Thank you very much.

So, we are useful generation because there is SNS, Facebook etc.
I can go to another country with connecting to Japan.
And I think it makes a mental barrier fall off.
Hey my friends, don't forget me because there is SNS;(

And so, the entry title is parody of the movie which I watched before.

I'm going! yeaaaah!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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