March 2011's ARCHIVES


It is necessary that you should make a resume to find out a jab. 
The difference of the Japanese resume is no format. You have to arrange
experiences etc to make resume yourself. In my case, I made it based on
the sample resume I found on Web. Of course, I asked my teacher to
check my resume and was said that I should be more brief to describe
own self. The my resume is published now.
I wrote the things I can do, certifications the proof is for my skills and
what I want to do in the future. I think I should appear my scope clearly
because there are many subjects in information technology and I can tell
my mind ever a little after my goal is appeared. Although I send the resume
to many companies, I think the response is around 10-20 percent.
At the moment it is almost call interviews and at once I have a schedule
for a interview. A lot of jobs is opened but to work in another country is

I often see the word, "Agile", when I brows jobs on craigslist etc.
The difference of Japan, the agile development become popular.
And I often see the word too, "SDLC". SDLC is an abbreviation for
"Systems Development Life Cycle".  I knew the word the first time.
I wonder if It is used. Anyway It mean if you have a experiences which you
join all development part. It is useful word. It just seems to be Canada, . 
Excellent English communications skills (verbal and written). Some job has 
a condition of English skills because of immigrant country. But I apply in
ignore the conditions. kk When I brows the detail of each jobs, I often think 
that wanted resource is very brief. It is written the detailed explanation
about information technology including personal information, friendly etc.
I can find out a job easy which fits for me because the conditions is brief,
programming language, framework.

The language school left one month. I have tough time if I have to back
a jobseeker or I can get a job after graduated the school. Nowadays
I consider that I take directly finding out a job activity using own footwork.
My friend who came in Canada at same time to me found a job. 
Great... And congratulation!

Talk to you soon!

Find out a job

I started to find out a job after coming back a homestay. I have two ways
to find out, introduced by someone and apply from web sites.

Old man who works for print store
The first time, I visited a company which is introduced by an old man who
works for print store. It's a Japanese company. When I asked print sore to
print my business cards, I asked him if he has a friend who work for IT
company and he gave a copy of business card which is written one
software engineer a few days later. Although the engineer isn't his friend
actually, he asked his friend and was told. But I visited without an
appointment so that I couldn't send a mail to him and he quitted that
company. Finally, I could meet a person who is Chief Software Architect
at the company and I will send a mail to him a few days later. 
Now. the status is to wait for a reply. Although the man whom old man
introduced already quitted and I don't think I can do easy, I ask an old man
about finding out a job. The old said "Go directly." when I told that he
quitted. He beckons in laugh and I can enter into the office when I go there.
I want to ask something again.

A interview on call
I use these sites and I find out a job by using normal ways.



The WORKOPOLIS is popular site to find out a job in Canada. You can
attach your resume and It is similar to Linkedin.The craigslist is a portal
site which can find a room. I was contacted from two company when
I applied to some company. Both company contact on e-mail and
move to a interview on call. It is difficult for me. After I describe about
my experiences, They asked me a technical questions.

-A Company
The performance is not good on Web site about weather. Speciality,
It spend a connection to database. How do You recommend the solution.

Although I wonder if the question is correct, I think it almost is correct.
It may have some conditions.
Actually, I didn't have it and I answer following...
*Increase the limit of database connections
*Scale-up database
*Check the data transactions and Remodelling about the transaction of
getting the data
*Shift to cloud database(AWS ets)

Answer SQL which is to get ??? from the tables which is described.

It is regrettable question. I couldn't understand construction of tables and
I didn't know how I should make a SQL. I haven't known but I try to ask
many times. I couldn't understand if it is name of table or column.
I think the constructions is easy and the SQL is easy.... I scary the call.
Lastly The man said "I can't describe it to you". He said that you can try
again when you study English more later. I don't think so. Anyway
I told about my SQL experiences until on the way :(

That is my call interviews by two companies. The thing is I have to go
over to have a interview. The two company is in I applied to ten companies.
I got confuse too much because I didn't know that I was asked that
questions. In a few chances, I have to go over it and have a interview.
The way is difficult so much.

Other ways
I consider and try to have a communication that I can meet some
canadians if it is possible.

The place is I was told my friend who met here. I get a time to talk
christians when I go to the church on Sunday. In the future, I can speak
about my job so that I can meet a new person every week.
Peace with you! Amen!

The joining community on Meetup sites. Although I haven't joined, it has
aims which meet each person who have same favourites and do something.
A man who have joined said I can speak a lot of people in 60 people.
The native person can't understand our English. I want to join it if I can.
I knew that the information technology seminar is opened.


-Sports Gym
It is better but I can't go there nowadays because I got sick. I enrol a
big gym and it also has soccer times and basketball times. In spite of
one month only, I meet a brazilian whom we join at soccer at night club
and a guy speak with me when I went to watch a basketball match because
he have seen me at gym. The one issue is it is expensive... It is $40/month
if your age is under 22. I went to there because I heard $40 but there is
wall of age. Sometime the wall is you can,t go over. Generation Gap!

Finally, I started the activity to find out a job. I have a problem about
listening and I figured out the call interview is difficult. But I can't stop.
I work hard to try to action again again!
I want to have a interview quickly.

Talk to you soon!

Share House Ending

I wrote "I do all of things speedy" in last entry. But, I felt down by
an unforeseen circumstances... I have to move from this share house
where I moved here a few days ago. The reason is that I happened some
trouble during a few days. I didn't think to move to another house such

I'm a problem child...
I happened three problems in three days. Although it's unfortunate,
almost issues is carless myself.

Invited my friend in spite of NO GUEST

The house has a rule which we aren't permitted to invite anyone. I think
it's common in almost share house. But I invited my friend who helped
me to buy my necessities. It's shallow of behaving to let in my room
in a short time because he brought my necessities. And It was found
by the house owner. The natural outcome was to get angry with me.

To draw doodles on a white board

There is a white board, it is written housemate name, at kitchen. We can
know someone is housemate and manage our rotation to clean house.
My friends drew doodles, the contempt words is the begging "F". I forgot
to erase it. And It was found by the house owner. He got angry very much.
It may be unfortunate. But actually I can't excuse because He was invited by me.

Go out in the unlock

It is a trouble decides to be ejected from this house. I went out in the unlock
when I went to school. I didn't forget to lock and I went out in the unlock
of my own accord. Because The door already was opened a half when
I went out and I misunderstood that someone is doing something at outside. 
Then although I wondered the situation and I sought someone, no one is
here and I went out in the unlock. Because I thought someone who go
out to do something, bring baggage etc, is embarrassed is in the lock.
The reason was to forget to do lock by another house mate. But I couldn't
choice a correct decision because I just moved there. Although I thought
I should have told it to the house owner, I didn't as I didn't know about
him and I didn't have a time enough. Finally, My trust was lost because of
happing some trouble by me. So, The End...

When Trouble3 was happened, I receive the message,
"We have a serious problem so I'd like to talk with you.", to mobile. and
we have a discussion for two hours. The owner minded that no one
happened some problems during a few days. And he worry about what to
happen by me in the future despite past housemates was younger than me
and I already worked for some companies. The owner must protect their
security or keep providing his service. He didn't say directly to want to
go out. But the result we had the discussion is that I have to be ejected
from this house.

I  think the problems over and I'm surprised at it too. I think I had a 
inconsideration in pasted one month when I arrived in Toronto. My friends
said me that the owner is strict too much. But I may decide it same one
if I'm a owner because of being happened some problems by me. Probably
I should think that I'm happy to have a few responsibility in the contract
society which is more heaver than Japan.

So, I will come back to the homestay. I asked hostmother who I stay at
before homestay and I can stay in another homestay which is grandmother's
house. Although I must move to new house within one week, I'm happy
that she give the house very much. In the emergency I lost the house, 
some friends worried me. Thank you for worrying me when I got confuse.
Speciality, It's helpful for me because before housemates try to ask
housemother directly. I would like to restart and do my best to study,
hangout and find out a job at new homestay.

Lastly, The massive earthquake attacked Japan. I knew my family and
friends is safety. I'm happy it. But I'm impatient that I can't share the
issues which Japanese people got serious things. I hope they can get
normal life quickly.

Talk to you soon!

Student Life

Student life after an interval of seven years. I long for it, homework, test
and studying at Library.., even though it is English only. Although I worry
about student life, I enjoy student life fully in global students everyday.
They always help me in class, because I'm not an intelligent student.

The lesson is until 9am to 2pm everyday. There is Main Class and Sub Class.
Main Class is a General English lesson including Writing/Reading/Speaking/
Listening. It depends on own English level. My level is middle level.
A test is opened every two weeks. I can upgrade class in depending on
the results. Sub Class is chosen from variety of subjects and opened
twice one week. I choice a Speaking/Listening lesson. I understand
as I have studied for one month. I can ask something if I can't understand.
I will study at its school more two months. The school which I selected is 
big school comparatively and has many new students.
I introduce myself to new classmates every week so that they come
about every week :) In a test, I can't pass, continuing in two times!
Actually, the issues are Speaking and Listening. It is important more
speaking and more listening.

After school
The time when is after school is important for student. I go to somewhere,
Gym, Skating, Drinking after studying at Library...:) The days is mixed
doing after graduating and doing during student. I,m doing greedily in 
being patient for taking a nap. I can know the city of toronto enough
in this month by it. Thanks for having good housemates and good
classmates. Skating is 5CAD so cheap when you buy it at school.
And we can buy ticket of movie every Tuesday, it is a half price,
I don,t know why I can. Another one, MacDonald and KFC is discounted.
I wonder the Tuesday.

Worker and Student
For students, the best way to know advantage and speedy informations
is to ask friends better than others. For example, where is a good library,
where is delicious restaurant. although it may be common things, 
their advantage informations is similar to each other so that they live in
same city, go to same school and attend to same lesson. So asking own
friends is the best way. The office workers have to choice a person who
they wan to ask in depending on what to know because they are difference of
living in place, tasking at company each other. I think to long for the feeling
that I can ask my friends something without own checking. I lean to find
out something by myself too much after working.

In this way, I spend student life smoothy. Others often are surprised
at my age. I wonder if it is by my looks is young, my spirit is young.
They who is all people included Japanese think 22 or 23 age to me.
In gentlemen, I want to be thought higher age a little bit actually :(
Before day, I was asked my birth included year from teacher so that she
couldn,t  believe my age. But as my looks is young, everyone are frank
to me at the time of beginning and interesting in me more if I speak
about my age and looking for a job, so it is effective.

To live in the share house is started since today. The house owner is
Canadian who was born in Israel and live with some Japanese. Moreover
finally, to find out a job is started since this week!
In secretary, I made a resume and have searched a job. The first, I will
approach a company which I was introduced by an acquaintance who
I met in Toronto. I do all of things speedy for survival!

The picture is at skating place. It's difficult.

Talk to you soon!



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