June 2011's ARCHIVES

It's getting there

It's past almost a half of a month since I work for Canadian company.
I am not fired barely and ending of my project will be come. A few days
ago, my apps, it's beta version, was checked out at Internal review.
Although there are a lot of task to get better, we can be on schedule.
It's getting there... But it's not safety yet so that I have some problem to fix.

At the beginning to join them, I was assigned to Android smartphone
application alone. I received so I confused. Because I received brief
documents only about application and I didn't have an experience to
develop Android. I though "this is the way of Canada!" so I was desperate
for success of this project. After that, I took for around 2 weeks, when
I was getting better about Android they gave more detail new documents
and asked when I will be able to complete. They didn't decided their
requirement and they discuss on this time so they provided me to learn
how to make Android application. At last, they requested me to make
architect diagram, class diagram and flow chart and I start to design
my application to develop. It is seems to implements in another country
because I make diagrams only, UML, even though I usually have made
documents using Word or Excel else.

There is like another country. They have each employee to need on software
development, Project Manager, Designer, Developer and Quality Assurance
even small company like around 20 employee. My project also have a plan
to be tested by QA.

I am modifying my application to fix on Internal review to face test right now.
On Internal review, I have a conduct if I have to say. I ask each function
like self-starter so I said "Is this OK?" every time. My English skill is not
good so they said "I can't understand" sometimes at the time. There are
3 people without me. As they are, someone could translate my words that
I wanted say from English to English :)

Though I am working on also making Android Tablet App else Smartphone
app. To information about Android Tablet App is hard on this project.
Difference of iPad, Android Tablets are not there enough so I couldn't
find information about how to make. I spend to try to find I want on
internet seriously or try to check out every day more than speak English.
I understand to have to talk with my co-workers more to study English
but I can do that very well. I take a time to listen conversation of each
co-workers secretly. There are many thing I can't understand. The
conversation of native English speakers is difficult.

Everyday, skills and English make me hard under the wire. I suppose
that there are not things make me hard in good means. It release my
mind a little if this project come the ending. Then I want to try to talk
with my co-workers.

Talk to you soon!



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