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My cousin who is same age with me was coming to Toronto. I haven't seen
him since we met on last January. We had dinner at Chicken Wings Pub
which the food is famous in Toronto with his co-workers and had fun.
We had a good time which talk about our family, just chatting, our jobs
and Japan.... So that I felt Japan in close which I haven,t had.

About my recent state, I went through 4 months to work in here. And
Finally, I got out of probably period! So It seems not to be fired unless
I make big problem. During the time, sometimes I sew the thing that
someone was fired or dropped out. But along with cheering me up by
my co-workers, I feel easy because I finished the probably period. 
Nowadays, to be able to work at the field which I prefer or am interested in
makes me happy so much. I still work hard because there are many issues
to keep going!

My employer gave me my salary 4 times because I spent here for 4 months.
In this article, I would like to write about the paycheck which I get usually.


My company uses paycheck to pay salary for employees. We don't used to
pay like that in Japan. My employer passes us it directly every around end
of month. I wrote "around" because the day is changed each month,
sometimes early and sometimes late. It depends on schedule of our
employer in my company case.

We have to pay tax so about 80 percent leaves for amount. I suppose
that the rate which we pay for tax is same with Japan. But Japanese tax
may be less than Toronto because our company doesn't provide help benefit.
I am wondering how it is changed if they provide.

You can deposit from paycheck at bank. It is easy to deposit as it finished
if you take for 5 min. You need to go to the service counter with your
paycheck and debit card only. The bank which is in Toronto opens at
night including counter service and some of bank opens even saturday.
So it is not hard to deposit from payceck. Though making the payment
by bank transfer is easy mostly.

Just I guess because I have never work for accounting, for employer, 
paycheck may be easier than bank transfer.

The bank gives some paychecks when you make your account on bank and
you can use individually. if I mentions paying employee's salary, the process
is to write amount on paycheck only. Actually, my employer also calculates
what she needs on the dat to pay and after that gives us at the time.
In the bank transfer case, you need to go to bank for the procedures. 

The Starting Salary
When I had the paycheck for starting salary, I received an envelope like
payslip so that I didn't understand seriously lol After that I asked my
co-workers about our salary and I noticed the paycheck. I have never
mind they pay by paycheck...
As I joined them on middle of a month, the amount was divided
my monthly amount by days I attended on end of the month. I think
employee may have a salary from next month in Japan. Vacation is same
thing with salary.They are not considering of probably period and you
can have days for vacation is divided by months bases on vacation for a year.
The system of salary and vacation in my company? or Canada? is good
for new employees.

In this week, I will go to Vancouver taking my vacation! I will meet my friend
who lives in Van. In addition, another friend who come from Japan will
join us so I am looking forward to having the time.

I am wondering how the trip is :)

Talk to you soon!

Woodbine Racetrack

Fall is coming completely. Nowadays, I should wear a long sleeved shirt
everyday. The thing Canada makes you sad is that there are not some
seasonal foods, otherwise getting cold. I can come up with maple syrup.
only for fall. In Japan, there are things that is popular to do in people
with each season. One of them is called "fall, a season for strong appetites".
That is Ice Hockey for Canadian. Toronto Maple Leafs which is domestic
team is not very strong...

In contrast, the same thing with Japan  is "Horse Racing". Canada also
has some of horse racetrack. There is "Woodbine Racetrack" in Toronto.
My friend who loves horse racing in Japan told me so I got there.


The location is  a little bit far from downtown. You need to take a bus
for around 20min from near Islington station. That is near Toronto Airport.
Otherwise there is Woodbine station which had had racetrack a long time ago.
The name was given by that.

At entrance, a statue of horse which is "Northern Dancer" seems to be
famous welcome us. I suppose that it was one of great horse so much
because I have heard that even though I don't know very well about horse racing.

Northern Dancer

You can bet with 3 types mainly, Win, Place and Show. In Japan, these are
called each, "Tansho", "2 chaku Fukusho", "3 chaku Fukusho". Place and
Show could be exchanged a few rewards if one horse won you chose.
Is it same in Japan??? So It is easy a little for beginner.

Betting Ticket(upper right) and Racing Program

Betting Machine

Racing program is sold at racetrack only. They provide some of size.
I bought small size which is cheapest one, $2. It is written some brief data
for horse and odds. Probable favourites is only order numbers.
But the favourites was more right than I thought. In this connection,
my result was -$30...


They open 13:00 to night on Saturday. The opening tome is not early
because of long hours of sunlight. The clientele at racetrack seems to be
elderly people as well as Japan. There are not many tourists so I can see
many Canadian people easily. It was not crowd because of no big racing
and some of stuff was very kind to teach so this place is good not many
people know about to trip.
I can recommend for person who loves horse racing. There is Casino in
same building!

Talk to you soon!

Trip to Montreal & Quebec

September came and summer is close to ending in Toronto. To get sunset
is early and there are some days when I wear a long‐sleeved shirt. Compare
with Japan, Coming summer of Toronto is a little bit late and passing
is a little bit early. But I don't want to stay in Toronto on the summer
so I went to trip with my friends.

The destination is Montreal & Quebec!

You can get for 6 hours from Toronto to Montreal by bus. To Quebec is
more 3 hours from there. Total time is 9 hours. The trip which I took
a buy with long distance is the first time for me. language is French in
these cities like Europe.


Quebec is called oldest city of fortress and has some wall like below.

Some batteries are there in the city.

I did, eat an omelette or Poutine... Poutine which is a food, fries with cheese
and sauce like type of brown sauce is one of Canadian special product.
I heard that Quebec is the birthplace of Poutine.

Omelette(Left), Poutine(Right)
IMG_6397.JPG IMG_6759.JPG

Especially, night scene of the city was vert beautiful and I felt to come 
foreign country even though living Canada.

This city is Montreal where is a city in Quebec Providence. I though
Montreal is mixed Toronto and Quebec because it has downtown in
addition looks of city like Europe.

I could ride the bicycle because Montreal has Public bike system "BIXI"
which I introduced at the old article. And I ate Smoked beef which is
a special product too.

Smoked beef

Ad these cities is called French Canada, Some of part was difference
from Toronto. The logo of Starbucks is written by French. Moreover
almost products of SAQ, Canadian place to buy some alcohol, are wine
though LCBO, place to buy some alcohol in Toronto, has variety of beer.
beer is put in small place only. In this connection, you can buy some alcohol
at the place like SAQ or Toronto only. You can't buy ant super place
like markets.

LCBO:Liquor Control Board of Ontario
SAQ:Société des alcools du Québec

STARBUCKS in Montreal("CAFE" is remarkable!)

And there are many European restaurants, French, Italian and Spanish food.
In Toronto, there are many variety of restaurant, Japanese, Korean and
Arabic from world. Although I squandered a little, I prefer Montreal &
Quebec about foods more than Toronto. Usually, I was drinking wine.

At the time, I saw beautiful city, ate delicious foods and drank good Trip
everyday. The trip was fresh thing because I was going to the place which has
beach in southern countries if I go to trip. I also like that trip!

Talk to you soon!



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