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2 weeks is past

2 weeks will be past after going back to Japan. The first a few days, I was feeling strange thing like my half part was still in Toronto. But now, I exactly remembered my Japanese life which I used to have and doing well everyday. The first thing which I felt about "Japan" was "humidity". Although recent air temperature is similar to Japanese one in this season, I felt humid air when just got off airplane and I knew I was back to Japan. Nowadays, I had some of reunion with my friends and we had some kind of drinks which I couldn't drink in Toronto, I am going through great days.

As it is hard to know about own mind, I had really wanted to miss Japan since making a decision to go back. But when you just go back, it was going to be no big deal to me... Also when I had Ramen(Japanese style chinese noodles) which I had really missed, it was going to be no big deal... I don't get it lol But there is a big deal thing. It's "Rice with Natto(Japanese beans food)"! I haven't eaten it so much in Toronto. The combination which Japanese rice and Natto made a deep impression to me. Simple menu like Japanese breakfast made me very very happy.

I was fixing my jet rag for a first couple of days and doing to restore my Japanese official living status or Japanese pension etc. I would like to mention what to do recently. I am seeking a job in Japan with mind to go back to Canada and also I am looking for a short term job. I don't think it is fast to get a job even if I am in Japan and I don't want to make a decision in too fast so I am looking for a short term job(1 to 3 months) in the first. Though I am worry if I am ok with an obscure turn of mind like that, there is no choice so I am just doing.

Of course, I have a mind to go back to Canada. In connection to LMO which I already wrote about the thing, actually, my employer called to me a few days ago of my departure and she said "We got a phone call from an officer at visa office. And she told they approved(probably) our LMO application.". But our company doesn't have official LMO paper which is approved as over 2 weeks was passed since the phone call. Also recent budget cut activity of Canadian government has closed visa office at Canada embassy in Japan so it meant you need to take a longer time to get your work permit even if LMO is approved officially so that it seems hard to get back to Canada when you are considering about variety of conditions. I am not sure if the ways works for me which you can apply your work visa at airport immigration when you enter in Canada or once you get in Canada as a visitor then apply inside Canada if you are with LMO. I would like to announce about what I will be at another time when I make a decision.

By the way,  I am thinking about closing update this blog which I has started writing since 2010. Because I am writing with a theme so far, "Work in another country" and If the decision is out to work in Japan, that theme is going to be out. It is not right now. I would like to write about new theme, "Canada and Japan" for a while by output of my decision as there are many things which I felt over again or noticed after going back to Japan on the contrary. For sure, I would like to continue to update as well when I can be back to Canada!

This blog is in trouble to continue but I would like you to keep in touch for a while.

Thank you for reading!

Going Back

Finally, I am going back to Japan tomorrow!
I had been busy these days since I made a decision to go back end of last month.

Shipping my stuffs, getting some gifts and doing necessary procedures... 

It was just over a year but my stuffs had been much increased. My two of suit cases is really full even though I has shipped over 20kg lol I am wondering if airplane can take it surely??

I am having drinks at home tonight though I was going to have some drinks with friends these days because I was not sure if I can be back. It has been long time to see Japan. So I am really excited. The first, I would love to have ramen, which Japanese style chinese noodle! And also want to drink some Japanese drinks like Shochu with oolong tea or green tea.

Talk to you soon!



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