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Canada and Japan Part 3 -Food Culture-

Japan still is getting hot the further. How are you doing? I did went to Toronto a few month ago. On the same year, both summer season hit to me. It was so nice. Canada doesn't have heavy humidity as difference from Japan so you could be easy to spend though hot a little. So patio which you can stay at outside as restaurant provide was great location to have some beer. Anyway, I would like to write down about foods culture in Toronto in this time. This article might be about Toronto mainly rather than Canada. Here we go.

What are Canadian foods features?
Canadian specific features are maple and salmon. You can find some products related to those item surely. Starbucks, is located at there, has the coffee including maple leaf and hamburger shops also has the hamburger using salmon. But it is hard to find Canadian foods as not Japanese. Only Canadian foods which I know is "putine". It is the fries foods put cheese and gravy sours on the top. Probably, the taste is following looks. It is popular menu at pub in Canada.

Regular Coffee Shops
Canadian people loves to drink coffee. So you can find some coffee shops easily.

Those of coffee shops are popular in Toronto above. Tim Hortons is the most reasonable coffee shop as $1.25 for a cup of coffe. If you compare with Canada and Japan, it is cheap to have a cup of coffee in Canada. Around $2 for tall size even Starbucks($4 in Japan)

Restaurant of variety culture
You can  have variety of foods in Toronto instead of no feature Canadian foods. As mosaic city to Toronto, there are a lot of nation's people so you can have foods which is pretty close to local one.


Toronto has Chinese town, Korean town or Italian town so that it is easy to have close to local foods. I think there are many places which is providing good Chinese foods, Italian foods and Indian foods. In Toronto, the feature is hard to make a decision what you want to eat.

Regular fast foods
Canada doesn't have many feature foods. But as located in North America, the regular foods are pizza and hamburger certainly. If it is in Japan, "Gyuu-don" and "Soba" can be put to there. So there are a lot of pizza and hamburger shops in the city.



Especially, I can recommend Pizza Pizza, Hero and A & W for on trip as Canadian shops. Another hamburger shops also are there.

Pub menu
If you want to have some drinks in Canada, pub is eligible place. In Japan, "Edamame" and  "Oshinkou" are two of regular menu at Japanese style pub. Also Canada also has some foods like that.

Fish &Chips, Putine, Chicken wings, Nachos, Calamari




Those of menus are Canadian regular pub foods. Almost pub has Nachos which cost is around $5-7 and amount is big so you can share with some people. I prefer chicken wings so that I used to have some chicken wings with beer.

<Alcoholic drinks>
They love to drink beer or wine in Canadian. There are some brewery pub and you can drink Germany or belgium beer for draft easily. Also variety local places are making wine so you can drink domestic wine easier.

Following place is one of brewery pubs in Toronto. Their beer is made originally by themselves. Moreover nuts are free for customer.

I wrote down about foods culture in Canada shortly. People who are coming from others and has own mind as religion or vegetarian are living in Toronto. Therefore you can feel variety of country's foods culture. If you are in Japan, you should think what to want to eat in Japanese foods. But you need to think what country's foods you want in Canada. Other hands, the another difference point from Japan is to think which place's brewery beer you want.

I have written what differences Canada and Japan have as three articles so far. As you know there is wide ocean between Canada and Japan which pacific sea, Canada has the culture which is really different from Japanese one. Not easy to know actual their culture unless you live there though you can touch their culture by media like movie. I hope I could introduce real information for Canada at this time.

Now, It is closing to write what differences there are between Canada and Japan. I wish my articles help people who are going to Canada or is living in Canada the further.

About my situation which I was going to say, I have already started to work at new place! It meant I joined one company in Japan. One good opportunity was come up fortunately and I decided to join the new place which I would be able to show my experience which I got in Canada. This story will be written at next time surely.

Talk to you soon!



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