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Happy New Year everyone!

Long time not to write down here. It was a long time since I wrote before. A half year and over has been past since got back to Japan from Canada as it was last May. I was really busy for a while so I feel it was a long time ago.

I was trying to get a work permit since the beginning when I arrived in Canada but now I am working for a company in Japan.

As I wrote here so far, the LMO which you need to apply if you want to get a work permit had been applied with ex-company at the end of year before last. And we got the LMO last May in safe. Basically, the LMO would be sent in 2-3months if no issue. In my case, it took for 6 months eventually. Then I got a time to apply my work permit finally but I was going back to Japan because my visitor visa has been expired last May and I was trying to seek a job in Japan. After that time, I got a job from one foreign company fortunately on the same time when the LMO was out. The company has some of branch in the world is from Israel. It was hard to make a decision to go back to Canada or catch the new offer in Japan as the job offer is a great which my experience in Canada is needed, English and Android skills, moreover my Web application skills are needed which I was doing in Japan before.

My decision was to work in Japan. Because the job offer was the one which I wanted to do at the time when I got back to Japan in the future though my mind was to get a work permit and to stay in Canada at least 2 years. Why at least 2 years was to improve my English skills. Another reason why I made the decision was that I thought I would be able to improve my English skills even in Japan although quality is not enough. And I felt to let the wave take me to work in Japan at this time.

On the way to get the LMO, I really appreciate many of people in Canada. Of course I feel to thank for the company which could apply my LMO and it it not easy to say how I am feeling to thank friends who helped a lot me as giving advices or cheering up. In spite of getting the LMO, I made a decision to work in Japan. Though it is really hard to say my mind, I would like to do the best on new place as the decision is a better choice to me.

I started to work for new company since last July. They would like me to show great performance as following my experience and more but I am doing fine as co-workers could help me to get better.

Last year, I went to Israel on business so I could have an experience which is business trip to another country though at new work place! As those experience,got to work at several development place of Japan/Canada/Israel. I believe IT is global. My boss is planning to take me to China office in this year. I am looking forward to seeing new development place! We need to release new product these days and we are crazy busy at work so I am not sure if my decision was better to coma back to Japan or go back to Canada. But one result may be out if the hard time is over.

Anyway, I have wrote some articles at this Blog for tow years. But I would like to close by this article. At the first, my theme which I want to write is to work in another company as IT engineer and I got new work place in Japan so it is not following the theme. It meant objective was done on this Blog.I don't think I was a good writer but I really appreciate that you read this so far. I got some comments to cheer me up. It was really helpful for me!

At the beginning, this Blog has four means as following.

-Report my status
-Improve my English
-Public my information of the challenge
-To get a job in Canada

Reporting my current status to my family or friends or improving my English by writing English articles or giving the information to people who has same object as working in another country and effect to get a job in Canada.If you write like this Blog, it may be easy to tell your self to English speakers even if you cannot use English very well. I thought the chance to get it may come to you. Actually, some recruiter contacted me to give an opportunity to work via this Blog. To write Blog by English helps to get a job and improve your English on my experience.

I am happy to close this Blog with the real result to work for Canadian company. It was good to report real information in Canada. I believe to have proved you can get a chance if you prepared enough to it and do fine.

Though my Blog is closing at this time, I have a lot of things I want to do or challenge on my life. I don't want to feel satisfy at all. And I would like to keep improving myself.

My current aim is "Going to Canada on the business"!

Thank you so much for your reading!



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