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TOYOTA is working hard

Here is AD on TV by TOYOTA in Canada.

The beginning is 
"We speak your language. Because..."

And they are saying the words for next below.

"I AM Don Valley North TOYOTA!"

So people who are many kind of nations are saying the words using their language continually on AD.

"Don Valley North" seems like the place where is at north of Toronto.

Honestly, it sounds like "Ganbari no" for my ears instead of "Don Valley North" lol
"Ganbari no" is Japanese words which means "work hard" in English.

My ear : "I AM Ganbari no TOYOTA!"
Correct : "I AM Don Valley North TOYOTA!"

I noticed that is wrong in shame when I tried to write down the thing which there is strange AD on TV which they are saying "I AM Ganbari no TOYOTA!"... I have heard that you cannot get some pronunciations if you are over one age(around 25 years old?) even though you have practiced hard. So it might be better to begin to learn English as young as possible. I am wondering if it also is kind of the thing??

How could you listen that AD.

Talk to you soon!

Do you like dance?

It is the story when I joined an event that was organized by Meetup group.

The event is a dance party which was organized by Toronto friends group
and I haven't joined. The party was to charter at one pub, I have been to
some time, with drinking and dancing. Almost of  participants were elderly
people. Of course, there are nobody who I know, I try to be with a group
which I talk like easy. When we introduced each other through and are to be
frank bit by bit, everyone began to dance with dance music. Then people
of our group didn't go to the dance floor immediately like not like doing
that. I asked an attractive mature lady whose I was with because of
wondering if they did't like to dance.

"Do you like dance?"

And then they looked each face and asked something each other.
"You, you, you, " Finally, they request her to do something, who wore
red dress and she was willing to agree something.

So... the question which I asked with wondering simply was the words
to ask to dance with secretly.

"Do you like dance?" = "Shall we dance?"

I understood the situation and stood up on the dance floor.
Lastly, I put my hand on her waist.......

English has a part of indirect expression.

By the way, I was stopped dance in the way by her. After that, I sew that
she enjoyed to dance with other middle-aged man and I got loser minds.

Talk to you soon!

Language Exchange

Language Exchange is studying group which you teach Japanese and you
are taught English. A few days ago, I attended that with my friend
inviting me.

Language Exchange
I joined Language Exchange which JCSA, language community, is owner.
People want to learn Japanese or other people want to learn English gather
and the activity is opened on every Saturday at University of Toronto.
The program is only conversation using Japanese or English each an hour
a half. The time of Japanese is spoken by Japanese and English time is
spoken by English. The fee is written below.
It is separated groups of around 4 people, native English speaker is each
group around 1 person. They don't have some topics for conversation,
need to talk like free using Japanese or English.

First time trial fee is $2
U-of-T Student : $7(1 year), $5(6 months)
Non U-of-T Student : $13(1 year), $8(6 months), $5(3 months)

My group has one English speaker who is a student at University of Waterloo.
His major is like Mechanical Engineering. I talk him easy so my major also
that when I was an university student. His name is Jean. He used Linux OS
for Japanese on his laptop. It is very amazing that he can speak 7 languages.
English, French, Arabic,,,,, I forgot. His parents can also speak multi-language.
I asked him how to learn some languages. The answer is to speak all of
language mixed usually... To study English is for enrolling at postgraduate
course of University of Kyoto in Japan after 2 years. I laughed at speaking
Kansai dialect a little. I became with him so I went to a dinner with him
and his friend after that. He told me to speak Japanese by using Skype,
watch NHK news and read newspaper of Asahi to learn Japanese. I was
surprised at being pointed Kanto dialect which I speak out by him. My
Japanese is not the standard language probably.

I was tired for the conversation so that It was total 3 hours. I got bad
situations if I didn't join a good group. The first period is Japanese. At first
an hour a half, I know about each personality. I felt so tough about
conversation at last period. Fortunately, I had a good time so that I was with
excellent speaker. The activity provide to improve English in addition to
has good opportunity to meet Japanese people. I may want to join regularly
after graduated language school because of not joining Japanese
community particularly.

Talk to you soon!


Toronto is warm bit by bit. Nowadays, I wear T-shirt and jacket.
What to think spring, you may be able to see cherry blossoms at High Park
which has some cherry blossoms. To be full bloom is from last April to
early May is expected about cherry blossoms. Although the law prohibits
drinking at public place, I am planing to go to see cherry blossoms. But
Toronto's weather is uneasy because it was snowy last week. By the way, 
I joined events on Meetup which I introduced before entry to find out a job.

The aim of site is "Do something, Learn something, Share something,
Change something". Actually, The site has an aim meet each
other to share hobby or aim to do. There arae variety of groups and if you
join them you can attend their events which the group you joined hold.
The group has many types, Hiking, English, Jobseek, Find friends etc.


English Group
The first, I attended studying English Group. Some of group to study
English is held and it was the studying class which my group opened.
English level is separated, Beginner/Intermediate/Advance and I chose
Intermediate level. Opened for 1 hour a half, 5:30PM - 7:00PM, and FREE.
At the class, I read English article prepared and discussed about it. Then
I went over vocabulary which was important in the article and answered
the questions which was prepared before that. The attendance was around
20 people. There are almost older guys or people who already graduated
language school. The teacher was 3 people. They are like older yankee
guys, ride on Harley-Davidson :D In the discussion, we were separated
to small groups by each teacher and had a time enough to speak English.
Although it was careless a little so it's free, you are taught by native speaker
and are able to meet new students so I hope to continue to go there in
considering about the classes.

Canadian Friends Group
The next, I attended a native friend group. The group which provide to
make friend each living in Toronto is Simple. The event which I attended
was the party of watching the comedy live at pub with a live stage. There
are around 20 people canadian. Everyone could speak English fluently
in natural and I could spend a nice time for learning English. I thought
that English by native speaker is difference from in the language school.
I was very hard even only to give responses. So the comedy live was that
each comedian talked about short funny story. Probably, that was funny
live :( I was interesting in that the variety of people widely generation,
from 20 age to 50 age, joined that. This event was 4 CAD/each. I would
like to improve English or connect to Canadian people by joining like that
event which native canadian join.

I join like that groups for the aim to study English or find out a job right now.
I would like to join the group to share hobby, camp, sports, If my situation
is easy a little bit more(about living here...). Nowadays I concentrate to
active to find a job mainly because I finished language school until next
week. I apply to part time jobs or contract jobs day and day because of
knowing that to work at native company is very hard. To be updated
IT jobs everyday is helpful a little bit for me. Now is the moment that will
decide our fate. Do the best! Don't stop trying and thinking !!!

Talk to you soon!

Student Life

Student life after an interval of seven years. I long for it, homework, test
and studying at Library.., even though it is English only. Although I worry
about student life, I enjoy student life fully in global students everyday.
They always help me in class, because I'm not an intelligent student.

The lesson is until 9am to 2pm everyday. There is Main Class and Sub Class.
Main Class is a General English lesson including Writing/Reading/Speaking/
Listening. It depends on own English level. My level is middle level.
A test is opened every two weeks. I can upgrade class in depending on
the results. Sub Class is chosen from variety of subjects and opened
twice one week. I choice a Speaking/Listening lesson. I understand
as I have studied for one month. I can ask something if I can't understand.
I will study at its school more two months. The school which I selected is 
big school comparatively and has many new students.
I introduce myself to new classmates every week so that they come
about every week :) In a test, I can't pass, continuing in two times!
Actually, the issues are Speaking and Listening. It is important more
speaking and more listening.

After school
The time when is after school is important for student. I go to somewhere,
Gym, Skating, Drinking after studying at Library...:) The days is mixed
doing after graduating and doing during student. I,m doing greedily in 
being patient for taking a nap. I can know the city of toronto enough
in this month by it. Thanks for having good housemates and good
classmates. Skating is 5CAD so cheap when you buy it at school.
And we can buy ticket of movie every Tuesday, it is a half price,
I don,t know why I can. Another one, MacDonald and KFC is discounted.
I wonder the Tuesday.

Worker and Student
For students, the best way to know advantage and speedy informations
is to ask friends better than others. For example, where is a good library,
where is delicious restaurant. although it may be common things, 
their advantage informations is similar to each other so that they live in
same city, go to same school and attend to same lesson. So asking own
friends is the best way. The office workers have to choice a person who
they wan to ask in depending on what to know because they are difference of
living in place, tasking at company each other. I think to long for the feeling
that I can ask my friends something without own checking. I lean to find
out something by myself too much after working.

In this way, I spend student life smoothy. Others often are surprised
at my age. I wonder if it is by my looks is young, my spirit is young.
They who is all people included Japanese think 22 or 23 age to me.
In gentlemen, I want to be thought higher age a little bit actually :(
Before day, I was asked my birth included year from teacher so that she
couldn,t  believe my age. But as my looks is young, everyone are frank
to me at the time of beginning and interesting in me more if I speak
about my age and looking for a job, so it is effective.

To live in the share house is started since today. The house owner is
Canadian who was born in Israel and live with some Japanese. Moreover
finally, to find out a job is started since this week!
In secretary, I made a resume and have searched a job. The first, I will
approach a company which I was introduced by an acquaintance who
I met in Toronto. I do all of things speedy for survival!

The picture is at skating place. It's difficult.

Talk to you soon!


"IELTS" is an English examination which is adopted at Australia and UK.
At Canada, It is adopted to the English level standard of immigration system.

The Test has Listening/Reading/Writing/Speaking.
It is held to separate on 2 days. This time, I first took it.

I surprised at thing that all of description is English.
Of course, as the examination place is Japan, the staff could speak Japanese.
I felt to start the examination when I just entered the place.
And There were a lot of non-Japanese, so Chinese, Korean, Indian.
I think they were about 1/3.
I see the staff is very hard because there were some of races,
although Almost people is Asian.
There was a non-Japanese who clothed sweatshirt pained "Tokyo"
and so I thought "you are a tourist!"
The immigration city in Canada may be likely this too.

And the bring things is very strict.
-a passport
-some pencils(not mechanical pencils)
-an eraser(take off a cover)
-you can only bring a plastic bottle of water(take off a label)
You have to put your baggages to the keeping baggage floor.
At the examination place, we have to get even tissues
from the examination staff.

The test is to listen some conversations and a fill-in-the-blanks question.
It isn't an exam using a computer-scored answer sheet.
There is the question that listening simple address
and phone number and only write but I may haven't correct.
I failed to get off because it was difference
from my supposition. Especially unexpected thing is how to
the first we write all answers to a question paper
and the last we write the answers to an answer paper.
I noticed it and I failed. It is important that you listen the description
and you read the description in a question paper carefully.

The test is to read some long passages and answer the  question
for relation it. There are about 4 passages.
These were the question(shown bellow).
-Which chapter is the description?
-Does the description correct?(TRUE or FALSE or NOT GIVEN)
-a fill-in-the-blanks question for the description.
The difference from TOEIC, The limit time is better for me.

The test is to write essays about two theme which is decided.
Each themes was called "Task1", "Task2".

<Task1>(The Least 150words 20min)
The theme is that you get married and write about a letter of invitation
to an English speaker friend.
And you have to write following conditions.
-Write about wife or husband
-What happen do you wedding
-Wedding invitation information(time, place etc)

My written conditions was 2nd which get married
because I don't have writing content a little.
How about does markers it?

<Task2>(The Least 250words 40min)
The theme is that a lot of people think that to live in large city is difficult
and answer you about following questions.
--What difficult do you think that you live in a large city.
--What is resolution for issues.
*Including for concrete  examples or experiences

I write it about Tokyo. Was it correct?
It wasn't correct if it is a "big" city usually.

The test is to speak to a test tube in 15min.
Answer to questions from a test tube.
Then a test tube is "Mike" who is a white man. And so, I was recorded by him.
-Introduce yourself about name, place etc
-Talk about  a man who is success(you think for 2min and speak)
-Argument about the given theme
The theme is "What is success and happiness in your life.".

I think I could speak pretty well because there is effective of "RereJob".
But I can't argument so good. To say my opinion with English is difficult.
The last, I was finished by him as I stammered.

Actually I have taken IELTS, I have an impression
that all of things is an examination.
I wrote Name and Candidate number to each question paper and answer paper.
But To listen the description and read the description carefully is important
because how to write is difference in each examinations.
In Writing test, I have to write underline bellow last name.
For me, I tried to take IELTS with the five senses.
Maybe, I feel so when I will go to Canada.
After finished, My body got many sweat. It is different from TOEIC.

Well, although there are not a lot of  non-Japanese, Why are there a lot of them?
Certainly, I thought that it is easy to take it for them
who are English speaker because the description is written by English. 
Also in Japan, I wonder if there are a lot of companies
which adopt IELTS for standard of the recruitment.

After a few years, I will try to take IELTS. 
But I also took TOEIC exam recently and the score was 375... So dangerous!

Talk to you soon!

Language academy & Airline ticket

I applied to Language academy and I got an Airline ticket recently.

The place I will go is Toronto! The Day I will go is at the beginning of February!
So, I can have reality impression and get nervous.

I decided Toronto where one is staying.
Toronto is top of the Industrial city in Canada. Also There are a a lot immigrants.
I thought a good environment for me who I try to work.
I'm concerned about that summer season is short
and the temperature is cold, Compared with Vancouver.
It may be the same all over the Canada because a latitude is
higher than "Hokkaido(the Japanese the most north place)" in Canada.
Instead, an underground city is developed.

Language academy
In I decide that I go to Language academy, I had two important points.
-Large scale

Of cause, a top of purpose is study English at there.
It is an international environment more and more,
I thought I got the chance that I speak English
and I'm making rapid progress in my English.
To practice is important in everything.
The large scale makes us meet a lot of people.
In addition, I think that we have some connections to them make
makes us worthwhile in Canada's life.
I think it may help me to get job.

The academy I will go is at center if Toronto.
The ratio of students is South American 1/3, European 1/3, Asian 1/3.
There was no Asian at all when actually Videos and Pictures
which were uploaded at Web after I applied. I'm OK???

I applied 4 weeks of General English Program(CA$300/week)
and 4 weeks of a homestay program(CA$200/week).
The first, I take the lessons during a month and I will extend if it is good.
I decided there because It is reasonable in all of Language academy and
Facilities are no bad, cafeteria and a wireless LAN area.

Incidentally, The academy was reported in "Ryugaku Journal(Japanese Magazine)".
I was recommended it when I went to a studying aboard office where is
the school from which one graduated before.
Although I bought 3 issues, be careful please if you buy it for only seek
the language school because the academy was reported
in it is the same in the Canadian case.

Airline ticket
I purchased airline ticket of one way
for according to the day of the entrance of the school.
I considered a round-airline ticket is FIX/OPEN(365 days) but I bought it
because Although it is OPEN, I may pay modified fee if I want to modify
and I can't modify the point of departure.
It is a direct flight of Narira-Toronto. The arrival time is 15:10.
It is first one in to Toronto.
Related to the homestay program, There are also Airport Pick-up(CA$100).
But I didn't order it.
I hope to be not freeze to death all. Am I stingy?

The student life is the gap of 7 years for me after graduation university.
It is the precious time because we can't have studying time in worker.

I think there are a lot of people who want to study as they have own target
after being worker.
As It is a rare opportunity, I would like to devote to play
and study more than student life.

Talk to you soon!

How to study English

There was result announcement of TOEIC I took an examination on July.
The socre of result is ... 420.

I'm getting depressed as My target score was 500.
But I'm glad to get it there is a little effect(It was 285 on January 2010).

It is the result of study about 4 months
because I've studied English since March 2010.
Maybe, It is in same I was high school student as I got EIKEN Grade Pre-2.

However It is lower than my target score
and I don't know to be valuable reference,
I introduce my how to study English.

English conversation
I study English for RareJob is online English conversation service.
because of actually thinking need English conversation.
It is online English conversation service can speak to students who is 
English speaker of Philippine
and English tutor who is local country by using Skype.

It is 5,000yen for a monthly and You can attend it 25min every day.
I recommend it beacause You can reservate and cancel a lesson
and there are professional English teacher.

First, I think it is good for attending to various tutor and finding to 
some favorite tutores.
In case of mine, I get them are 3 or 4 people tutor in English 
and sometime I find new tutor.
There is the case I can't offten reservate for lesson of popular tutor's.
But I can offten reservate other.
I wish they check this blog for English.

And show the below I study it.


You can remember English words and learn to pronunciations for English word 
in reading long sentence.
I study it in considering grammar at train in way to office now.
I think so I increase the time for study thesre books!
I finished "Basic" and I study "Daily "now.

iPhone Apps
I introduce iPhone Apps for study English.

You can learn English words on quize game. Charged a fee.
I recommend it because you can set the words level example is "high school level"
and it especially makes quiestions for mistakes words.

REAL EIKAIWA(Japanese app name)
You can learn native phrases on quize game. Charged a fee.
I recommend it because you can regist a favorite phrase.

For Example,

"You have no life?"

It is useful. but there is probably unused it.

In case of free.I recommend the iPhone App is released by "Smart.fm".
I doesn't use it so much.But I think it is useful because it is synchronized
learning process for Web and iPhone app.

These are my how to study English.
My target is TOEIC score 700 still I will go to Canada!
I want to get it is the score it is a lowest level of the enterprise
for which English is necessary in Japan.
I think to take an examination of IELTS on this december.
It is effective in Canada better. Because there is Test of Speaking.

Hang on!

Talk to you soon!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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