Working Holiday's Recent Entry

Just completed short term job a few days ago. I am on "vacation" again. I had three months when I don't have a job since this year started. So I became a person who really prefers long vacation lol Now, I would like to write down about a theme, "Seeking a Job", which is serious issue for "Seeker". My article will be for IT engineers mostly but I think concept, the way and mind, is almost same with others so I am glad that you read those things.

The first thing for seeking a job is to make your resume. It is like "Rirekisho" in Japan. But some of parts are difference. You don't have to put some information, your picture, birth of date and sex. As experience and record are more important than those information in Canada, you don't have to include on your resume. Here are required information.

Name, Address, Contacts(Tel/Mail)
Education(School name and Major)
Career Experience(Company name, Job tittle, Term, Summary)
Skills and Certification(Programming language, OS, Hardware, Software, Tools)
Your Targets in the future

That is resume which has those of information briefly in around 2 pages at most. Especially, they don't have a basic format so you can make it free. Of course, it not necessary to write by hand. In my opinion, to make simple is better than to make cool design. It is easy to read for interviewer on the interview.

It is real my resume which I had used on the time to seek. At the time, I asked my English teacher at Language school to review it.
View more documents from Shinya Hasegawa
Where? How?
There are some of ways, at web site, with agents and on newspaper, which is to seek a job in Canada. I think the part of difference from Japan is that you don't need to take a complicated process. You can apply to a job easily without making account on web site and just you can make a call in the newspaper case. Surely, they have a big web site like "Riku Navi" which is the most famous website in Japan. On the web site, needing to take a time to register to use. But most of web sites are providing the service which connect to Linkedin which is web site to seek a job so a little bit easy to make an account if you have an account on Linkedin. I would like to introduce the ways.

<On Web Site>

That are famous classifieds web site in North America. Not just seeking a job, you can do to rent a room, sale/buy and make a community on the site. Everyday, they are updating the information. You can send your resume to mail address is given on if you find good job tittle. I think there are variety of types of jobs from private like contract to permanent. On the jobs, it might be posted by small to medium size company mainly. In my opinion, craigslist has many information in comparing with Kijiji. I got a job offer from the company which I applied on craigslist actually.

Those of web sites are major in Canada like "Riku Navi" in Japan. You need to register your account to use. As wrote before, though it is going to be easy to register if you connect to your Likedin account, still hard. But it has some great jobs like bank and most of Canadian people are using it. I got a phone interview through it but I couldn't get well at the time because my English skill was not good :( Even major company, they gave the opportunity to have a phone interview so foreigners would be able to have a chance.

<On Web Site for Japanese>

That is a classified site for Japanese. It is like craigslist or Kijiji. It has many job information which are at Japanese restaurant for Japanese. There is not enough information for IT engineers. You can find short term opportunity to make web site or design web site sometime.

<With Recruiters>
Canada also has many recruiters to seek jobs. Though it was via Linkedin, some of recruiters contacted me since I got a job in Canada. In my case, they need to be a sponsorship to get a work permit and I was seeking a job with them while a short terms. The advantage of recruiters is that you don't need to choice from many job information as they can bring it which they already selected good one for me from their information. Also you can get an interview soon if it is possible so it might be closer way than by yourself.

You can find some job information on newspaper, Metro or JOB It doesn't have many information for IT engineer but it might be useful for others. The way to apply is by phone mainly.


That is just my opinion, there is "Introduce". When I met new people, I was telling them that I am seeking a job and what I was doing in Japan during seeking. Then they can give good information to find a job which I didn't know also some of guys introduced a company which was hiring. As Canadian people are frank, they can listen to you warmly even if we just met at first time. The target which I can recommend is social place where many of middle and old ages are coming.

Hiring Process
Canadian hiring process has a phone interview, interview and technical test. For example, candidate's document review, phone interview, technical test and interview. As IT engineer, technical test was required. Whole of company gave some quiz about IT skills. I am going to write later.

<Phone Interview>
They will usually ask when you are available for the phone interview but just call you suddenly sometimes. They will give some easy questions about your career or your visa status. And they were asking about software development thing mostly. That questions depends on the position which you applied. It is like resolving when some trouble is happened or real programming thing.

The interviews were with person from Resource Department or senior engineer at first round. After that, you will have an interview with executives. I can recommend you can wear suit for your dress.  As doesn't matter for IT engineer, there are some guys whom looks are casual but it is better to wear suit basically. On the interview, you need to tell your experience and record briefly, your personal information, what you want to be and what your current interest or what skills you want to learn. Those of things are same with Japanese. They will give technical question as well. It is like how to develop easy software. As Canadian doesn't have a concept which is new graduation or not, the question should be on the interview to know your experience and record.

<Technical Test>
Technical test must be on hiring process. They will give before interview or on it. There were many algorithm questions as I had been applying for the position which is "Developer". You might need to take a time for 5 to 30min for one question to make an answer. For example, Please count number of existing of each character from "Shinya Hasegawa". There were variety of ways for answer like on  a piece of paper or on the white board. I think there were many question which are about actual programming rather than knowledge about development of Web site or Smartphone apps.

There are not many hiring information for new graduations. You can find it which is including "For New Graduations" sometimes but it is almost like X years or up experience for IT engineer. So new graduation will take a time to do "Intern". Intern means you work for company without salary like volunteer to make your career. New graduations who doesn't have a experience can be hired at same company or another company as permanent position through intern. Some of them makes their career as intern on summer break. I think you need to take for 3 months to 6 months to get a permanent position. As writing before, craigslist and Workopolis has many intern jobs as well as permanent jobs. Many company has an intern system as it is popular system in Canada if you compare with Japan. But you can hire someone without salary so there is a case which only hire without salary unfortunately.

Today, I wrote down about seeking a job in Canada. I just felt one of part of difference from Japan that they really want to know candidate's "experience" and "record" as resume, intern system and technical test. Therefore when you listen to others, in Canadian case, they say "I can do it!" but in Japanese case, "I might do it..." as no confidence. It is just cultural thing and hard to choose which one is better. You would be able to get a many chance to seek a job if you took Canadian case. And it is better to have your app or web site which you develop yourself as IT engineer. Technical test also works but most of important thing is to show your records which they can just see to prove what you can do. It can be proved your resume too. To make this web site also has the mean in my case. Canada is the country which is positive to hire foreigners for better or worse. You would be able to get a good chance easily if you have an experience and record.

I am saying experience and record but actual work is not hard. Co-workers can tell frankly and they don't have a mind like senior and junior which is like Asian culture so it means more frank. It feels easy if you compare with Japan. You can do well if you are doing the best with being honest and reliable. Don't be afraid!

As I told top of this article, I am on "vacation". Actually, I am in Toronto using this vacation! It has been for 2 months since I left. My mind has already gotten Japanese mind totally but I remembered Toronto life which I used to do now and having enjoy everyday. Anyway, my decision what to do with myself has already been set. Don't want to put on airs. I would like to write it later.


Talk to you soon!

Tax Return

Toronto seems to be getting Spring because the temperature is 20 degree over some time recently. Comparing with last year, it is pretty warm so pubs where are at downtown begun to provide patio. I am thinking that cherry blossoms which is at High Park will also come into flower early in this year.

Buds of Cherry Blossoms at High Park
photo 2.JPG

Actually, in this term, it is the season which you should do "Tax Return" which makes your income tax return in Canada. Anybody, had some income in last year, needs to declare. If you are working for Japanese company, you don't need to do by yourself because there is tax return system which is supported to do it by the company. But Canada doesn't. So You need to do it by yourself or hiring accountants. Of course, hiring accountants case is not free. I would like to write down what I did as I was done a few days ago.

Required documents
-T1 General Package
Getting T1 General Package at post office or tax office. The store which is including post office also has it like Shoppers.

Documents of your income and tax for last year. Your company would give it to you.

Making T1 which you fill out basing on T4 and Sending by mail. You can use envelop which is included in T1 General Package to send by mail.

February to April

After sending
The notification documents will be sent with pay check by mail in 4-6 weeks.(Direct deposit also is provided)

*I thank the Japanese web site I referred to write this down below.

T1 General Package is being left at post office or tax office from late January. I got it at Shoppers which is including post office. And my company gave T4 on late February. Mention to T1, I don't think you can complete it by yourself. Because of many things to calculate... So I used a tax calculation service on web.

T1 General Package at Shoppers
photo 1.JPG

Tax Calculation Web Service / Software
Web Service
That is web service which I has used certainly. You need to pay fee if your income is $20,000 over. But I can recommend because it was easy to use. Once you signed up, the information will be taken over for next year.

Free software for Windows. My friend recommended. That is supporting Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Free software for Mac. Though I used it at the first, it was hard to use for me...

In these service and software, you can just put your information based on T4 to them. it will make documents which is same format with T1 when you complete to put. Then you need to copy to actual T1 document by your hand. And the refund might be bigger if you declare housing fee, transportation fee or RRSP fee which is Canadian pension. I added transportation fee which is whole of fee for last year to buy metro passes. Then my refund is $900 over! It was bigger than I thought. Anyway, it is there if my calculation is truth... In this connection, if tax officer wants you to prove housing fee or transportation fee, you would need to give receipts.

Although there are anybody who hires accountants, you can do easily if you use those of service or software unless you have another income like managing house. I have done in 2 hours with my friend's advice in spite of first time. By the way, Canadian people can do on just web. When I looked down T1 contents, I thought that we might to have no choice except hiring accountants before improving IT industry. Technical improving is great. I am wondering how it is going on 20 years later?? Don't we use paper anymore??

At last, I would like to say what it is going on for me currently. I wasn't busy and have been just "free" since this March though I haven't write new article. As my visa was changed to Visitor, I am a "Visitor" if I need to say. I had worked till end of February like "Helper". I have been a "Visitor" after that. What I am doing so far...

Just just drinking...

Probably, I was a guy who is the least Japanese 30 years old in Toronto :( Except hanging out with friends, I drunk a bottle of Sake and some bottles of wine in 2 weeks(more addition some of beer). That days were unexpected before even though I am just waiting for LMO thing. That is no good things if I have lost some of the intellectual power that I used to have. And I just started "what I would like to do in this time" little by little currently. Unfortunately, the process time to apply for LMO is taking longer time. So you need to take a time for 3-4 months to be out recently. I am thinking that it will be out by end of March. But I must to make any results which is something to want by being back to office(if it is possible).

By the way, I went over library in this morning to do something with excited mind. But The library was closing :( The strike by library works was just started from today and all of libraries were closing in Toronto. I had never heard strike of library workers... How come it was this time!? A lot of difficulties lie ahead of me!

Talk to you soon!

*I received a check in safe later!
I sent the application on March 16th and received May 1st. It took around 6 weeks and a few days. Just for reference.

One Year!

You can imagine it is cold and snow for Toronto's winter. This winter has been called "Warm Winter". But The temperature was over -10 ℃ in this weekend and I feel a foreboding that the winter we imagine came exactly. I arrived in Canada one year ago. Toronto was a snow scene which is same with which I imagined. I came to Toronto with two suitcases and one boston bag like many stuffs. One year past since then. Although the beginning was expectable, the year had kept unexpectable.

Feel like a moment and long for the year. The reason for "long" is there were many good things I cannot believe that was happened in one year.

Feb : Go abroad, Home-stay, Language school
Mar : Move to share-house, Kicked off at share-house, Starting finding a job
Apr : First phone interview, First interview
May : Got a job, Starting first project
Aug : Trip to Quebec & Montreal, Released first app, Starting 2nd project
Sep : Negotiate for LMO application, Trip to Vancouver & Seattle
Oct : Released 2nd app
Nov : Starting 3rd project
Dec : Applied for LMO, First snowboarding in Canada, Mother came, Kicked off at night club

Feb : Released 3rd app

Look back over the past in that way, moving three times, releasing three app, trip Three times(including coming in Canada) and Kicked off twice... I don't think it is easy to make variety type of great experience in only one year like that in the future. "Working in foreign country as IT developer" was my aim ordinally. I could get a job literally and did the thing apply for LMO. I believe that I could make an example for somebody who has an aim is similar to mine.

Also I was the only Android developer in my company but getting four developers including me currently and we are called "Android team". It was precious experience to help to build new field from the first. At the 3rd project,  All developers in Android team were mobilized to develop an app which is for Canadian service that mostly people knows in Canada with basing on past project I did. It is thoughtful for one developer to re-used my source codes like base to new project and really happy to make the result like past records I have worked in Canada.

My term of Working & Holiday was over and I am in time to wait for LMO like extra game. I don't know how it works for close future. I still think the one year was a full life in these days.

Talk to you soon!

Visitor Visa

Time flies, I have just been in Canada on this weekend for 1 year since I arrived so that my visa will be expired and got a Visitor Visa recently. That is temporary plan to wait for result of LMO which my company made application end of last year. The term is for 2 months. I can stay in Canada by end of March certainly. But I need to leave my company temporary because I can't work on visitor visa. It is hard to expalin my status, no jobs or on temporary vacation lol

I made application for that visitor visa by myself as working & holiday visa. Although there is no difficult point especially, I would like to write some of regards to apply.

The first, I need to make to apply...

-Application to Change Conditions
-Documents Checklist
-Receipt for Application Fee($75)
-Photo Copies of Passport
-Photo Copies of Your Current Immigration Document
-Certificate of Your Financial Balance

Download link for documents of application is here.

It is the application for extending your condtions because you already are in Canada. At the point, You must fill the reason why you would like to entend in. And It is better to write the reason as definite as possible. Like When, Where you would like to visit or... Here is my case which I write with definite reason, "I already had studied English and got an experience in Canada. I would like to have a trip in Canada. I am planning to go to Quebec/Montreal or Vancouver on February and March. I couldn't have a trip in this year because I was busy to study and work." I heard you shouldn't write the thing that you would like to wait for getting your LMO or find a job as "visitor" visa.

You need to apply for it before 1 month from the current visa you have is expired at latest and I did before 1 month and a half in my case. There are two ways to apply, mail and online. I made application on online at last. Actually I sent first application by mail. But I changed my application to online thing immediately because I knew that it needed to take for 111 days for getting the visa when I found the processing time on mail out lol At the time, The processing time for by online was 46 days. And I got it on middle of January, took for almost 1 month, safely. The processinf time is changed by season. If you find the time now, 44 days is by mail, 13 days is by online. It is difference from my case totally! I think the processing time makes fast because Canada is just in the season when is getting cold so tourists doen't want to come. As It seemed to worry about illegal overstaying for a while, that was the thing I unexpected fortunatelly.

The processing time is here.

The Visa which I received

In this connection, if the application is by online, you need to make documents, Photo Copies of Passport or Certificate of Your Financial Balance, by the file like image or PDF. I changed the way to online suddenly so the time was not there to make the files  properly as using scanner. So I took pictures for each copies and sent PDF files which I made forcely. In addition, it was so hard to see exact characters on picutres of Certificate of Balance so that docments became kind of careless as just separate it for four peices and scale up... Although it was in success, I can't recommend that way...

In this way, I will stay in Canada by a visitor visa from next month. For a while, I will try to do the things I couldn't do since my job was started as busy, take free English class or develop apps by myself... It is hard a little bite to wait for the result of LMO which nobody doesn't know how response is but I will spend daily with staying positive and keeping looking for variety of possibility.

Anyway, I mention to develop apps, I hit it on Android Market below. Please download this app if you are smart phone users and give 5 stars!!!

Simple RSS Widget

Talk to you soon!

Housing Situation in Toronto

Last weekend was in the term which is called "Black Friday", you could buy
good deals and that biggest event to buy something with cheap in US.
Also Canadian news was reporting the event at like shopping mall in US and
my friends was going to New York(I believe they are in shopping trip).
"Black Friday" is like popular event even in Canada. In the Japan case,
Is it similar to "New Year Sale"??

Anyway, I would like to write about housing situation in Toronto.
There are two types for housing,  "House" and "Condo" in Toronto.
Home-stay which I live in is a house. I can't seen the apartment type
easily like Japanese apartment, in Canada.

Basically, house has a basement. Some of house doesn't have second floor.
I am also living in a room is at a basement floor. Toronto has much snow
so that they are making some special things to make them comfortable
against cold. For example, entrance door is double or stairs is put in front
of entrance door for snow. Heater is installed in house. It is working anytime
and makes you warm in winter. Although you can't get up easy on winter
in metropolitan area in Japan, it doesn't work here. Some houses which has
a backyard also has BBQ stand and I used to see BBQ event on last summer.


Condo is called "Mansion" in Japan. The entrance of condo is auto-lock
and also there are securities. It has a basement parking or a parking structure.
It seems like modern housing. I am surprised at providing a gym or a pool
in each condo. That is called "Okusion" in Japan if it has a gym etc.
"Oku" means million in Japanese. In this connection, you can have a pet.
Houses is built in the suburbs mostly. In contrast, condos are also in downtown.
It has upper 40 floors basically and I have been to there some time. Then
I can see a beautiful scenery. Especially, the condo, which is in near
Water Front area where is at south of downtown, is excellent because
you can see Ontario Lake from there. I hope to live in condo in some day!


There are for rent on both of them. I guess you can rent it by $300 upper
each person if the case is share with others. Condo is almost expensive
in comparing with a house. In my opinion with living in a share house,
if you can find it by $400 to 500 a month at the place where is not far
from downtown, that is good deals. You can also live in downtown if you
make $700/month.

The points for finding a house...
-Furniture for taking over

I wrote my no reliable opinion which is written by me who was kicked off
of a share house and is living in a home-stay.
Keep rules even if you could find good house!

Talk to you soon!

Trip To Vancouver

Toronto seems to be getting Fall. Actually, I am feeling cold like putting
on a down jacket or a coat because the temperature dropped to under 10℃
some days. I suppose that winter is coming quickly :) The winter is
the second time... Nope, arriving on last February so it is the 1.5 times.
This winter I'll really go to snowboard!!!

Before coming the winter, I was given a vacation and went to Vancouver
in trip. Vancouver is a familiar city more than Toronto for Japanese as
the city hold the Olympic game in winter last year.

English Bay
The part of difference of Toronto is to have sea. I could smell a sea breeze
and listen sounds of wave I haven't seen both of them at "English Bay"!
There are driftwoods, a bronze statues feeling funky...
Mention to the statues, to take a picture with posing like it is standard
in tourist. Of course, I did! The place where there were many couples
and families at is peaceful. It is great that you see sunset at the place.



Stanley Park

"Stanley Park" is the most famous place in Vancouver sounds like you
must come! Sea, Forest and totem poles!!! It has the course of cycling.
You can rent a cycle at near shop provides to rent bicycles and go cycling.
I fun cycling with choosing a tandem bicycle. I don't know why lol
I did the tandem with my friend whom I know since I was child.
That was so funny because I've never tried "tandem" and two guys who was
a classmate each other in Japan are doing "tandem" in Canada. Though
Toronto also has the service you can rent a bicycle, I really like cycling
in the nature! As Stanley Park has huge fields and I could see less than
a half of them,  I would like to go around in forest slowly if I have a time.



Lynn Canyon Park
The valley has a big bridge. "Lynn Canyon Park" is similar to
"Capilano Suspension Bridge" where is the famous place like Stanley Park. 
My friend who lives in Vancouver told me and I got there. You need to
buy a ticket, around $30. In contrast, the place is free! You can get
by bus on the sea called "Sea Bus" like a ferry. The bridge is the excellent
view which hangs on deep forest in long trees like it could be "The Canada".
It made me thrilling as so swing and so high!
It was in deep forest that's why you should be care of bears.


Vancouver is wonderful nature. The nature is really one of part is difference
of Toronto. At the trip, I enjoyed nature like "this is Canada". There are 
skiing mountains at near there so that is cool to live~

Meet Again
By the way, though we went around with 4 people including me in the end
at the trip, it was a strange trip which we joined individually and left
individually. Because one of them lives in Vancouver who is my friend since
in Japan and arrived in Canada on same time with me. Another one who
is also my friend, we met at our language school in Toronto and spent longest
time with in Toronto, lefts to Japan. Last one who was a classmate when
we were students of an elementary school was coming to Canada in his
vacation. We joined each at the day of difference at the place of difference.
The trip had the mean "Meeting Again", "Leaving", mixed variety things for me.

Especially, The meeting my friend lives in Vancouver again was thoughtful.
He is also same generation with me and came to Canada using
"Working & Holiday" on same time even though difference of an aim.
We met before our abroad trough other friends who we know both because
of the reason that we were going to Canada in similar case. We quit our job
to go abroad and had a promise "we will meet again in Canada!" easily
at the pub with sharing anxiety and hope. I was so happy to realize the promise.
The first thing made me thoughtful was to be able to meet again with lough
and confidence though being changing our aim and thought which we 
thought at coming. I am just wondering when we will meet again next time...
Thanks a lot for giving us a good time with our some of selfish in Vancouver.
I would like to make next time.

And I really thanks my friends are living in Japan for giving the time to meet.
We could  have wonderful "Meet Again". I am looking forward to having
a time to talk about our story to them again!

There were many thing at the trip. The time to turn on is coming in my mind.
I just achieved I could have a vacation at my job and the promise to meet
again was realized in Vancouver. Also I could meet my close friend
from Japan and hear about my friends lives in Japan. In addition, one of
close friend in Toronto who I have knew since we were language students
has gone to Japan so I expect my friend's connection in Toronto will be
changed dramatically. Anyway, It seems to lose rather friends...
I lost my cell phone in the trip and lost my contacts of my friends in Toronto
like hitting me on good time...

Fortunately, I went through hard working in this a couple of months.
So that I think I didn't take a time to meet new friend enough. My life in
"Working & Holiday" is just in the second half. I should back to
a beginner's spirit once again and find to meet a new friend with the
mind which I started.

...But the days when I was worry about "be fired" also back because some
bugs was found on previous project nowadays lol

The beginner's spirit should be kept!

Talk to you soon!

Mission Almost Completed!

A some days ago, my first project had almost finished. That's why about
"almost". Because of in testing by customer right now. But I suppose that
there are some issues yet...

The First Project
I spent to work on this project around two months a half. It is the first time,
to work in Canada or in English and to develop Android app(widget correctly).
Everything was the first time for me so the term was really tough. Because
I restart the thing I read Japanese web site to get comfortable, which
I stop since getting here, in this term. Currently, I am getting better for
their environment a little bit.

Looking back upon this project, I suppose that the process for the project
is same with Japan. There are some point of difference of if I have to say,
there is no waste think on whole of process. That are documents, meeting
or information given etc. The meeting is hold four times within two months
a half including two internal reviews. I mention to reporting to my schedule,
my boss asked me "How's it going?" sometimes just only :)

I worried if it is going enough so I tried to share by making documents to
know my status using Google Docs.  Because to share something is important
normally... In the communication to customer on email, they forward it
at the important point if it needs. They didn't send too much like using CC.
Though the forwarding took the days after decision... These email they send
is good to study English. Because it is written using the sentence I can't use.
So Internet dictionary is working anytime.

It is Just not to make source code on this project. I also mede some brief
manual documents for user. Of course, I have never made English documents
I use some sentence from several sample when I found lol But I don't know
they already see that.

On this project, I developed like software to generate Widget for Android.
It can customize some styles and I got hard to the customize function.
It is thoughtful to see someone use the widget I developed in Canada~

The Next Project
Although I managed to almost complete the first project, next project is
already going through now. Next also Android app development! And
fortunately I have a chance to develop an Android app for one of web
service in Canada. They look to get 50,000 users. I don' know if I can do
or can't in hard on next project too. But not hard to know technical things,
time might be hard on this time... I guess to be "Android Developer" after
completing this. cheers by myself.

Work Permit
By the way, Already I spent over a half of year in my Working Holiday life.
The time to work for is more than to study at language school. I have done
one project and I could show up one of result finally. So I look to try to get
Work Permit which is my final target in this Working Holiday life. This is
high aim that I can't do alone. This is biggest issue I have to pass over to
go through for next year to live in Canada.

In Canada, I should mention to Toronto in this case, I need LMO to get Work
Permit. LMO is like the proof to be needed for hiring foreigner by company.
Though the rate to get it is high if you can even get LMO, to get LMO is
so hard.
In Canada, the unemployment rate is high, the reason to to hire foreigners
is needed to secure citizen's hiring. For standing the reason, you have to
proof not to be able to find good employee in spite of hiring or why you
need to hire them. I can't pass through the issue unless my company
support. In Canada, iPhone and BlackBerry is the most popular, I think
that my position, "Android Developer", is one of advantage. The first,
I must ask them that they have a mind to support me to get Work Permit.

So I am just wondering what I will be doing and where on next year...

It might be in Canada, Japan or another country... Nobody knows.

Talk to you soon!

Ontario Driver's Licence

I got Ontario Driver's Licence a few months ago. When I came to Toronto
with International Driving Permit. But You cannot drive for 60 days only
in Ontario so I got it. You can exchange your Japan Driver's Licence to that.
In the motorcycle case, you cannot exchange.

Ontario Driver's Licence
Expired day is after 5 years. I am just wondering if the day come it updated...

International Driving Permit
Bigger than passport.

Actually, you can use to ID so it's useful. When you go to PUB or night club,
It is required you are with ID. In the Driver's Licence of another country case, 
it might be ID because your date of birth is written on the Christian Era.
But Japanese licence is written on Japanese imperial year so that there is
passport only for ID in Japanese. Nothing is there if you have this.

The fee is $100 totally for your application. Although it a little bit expensive,
as they don't confiscate your Japanese licence in Ontario, It is recommended.
There are the providence which do that. Depends on your providence.
If you have the document which is translated japanese licence to English,
You can get it on the day. But The translate will take around a week.

More detail is here about application for the licence.
*a quotation from Toronto

I have been to Niagara Falls  twice by a car using these licences.
Even the first time to drive in here, I got from downtown and got
on highway. It was like natural because the driving was with making
mistake that wiper was working I thought it was a blinker :) Of course,
Though I got a fright for a left handle and right rail, I was getting better
early. The difference is between left and right might be not there.

The thing is surprised If you have an experience you drive in Japan. You
can get to turn right when you want to turn right(left in Japan) on the red
traffic if there is nothing cars are going on. I didn't know that on the first
time. Then some of car sound their Klaxon to me. I suppose that it is
effective to solve the traffic jams. In this connection, the highway
admission is free!

Talk to you soon!

Share House Ending

I wrote "I do all of things speedy" in last entry. But, I felt down by
an unforeseen circumstances... I have to move from this share house
where I moved here a few days ago. The reason is that I happened some
trouble during a few days. I didn't think to move to another house such

I'm a problem child...
I happened three problems in three days. Although it's unfortunate,
almost issues is carless myself.

Invited my friend in spite of NO GUEST

The house has a rule which we aren't permitted to invite anyone. I think
it's common in almost share house. But I invited my friend who helped
me to buy my necessities. It's shallow of behaving to let in my room
in a short time because he brought my necessities. And It was found
by the house owner. The natural outcome was to get angry with me.

To draw doodles on a white board

There is a white board, it is written housemate name, at kitchen. We can
know someone is housemate and manage our rotation to clean house.
My friends drew doodles, the contempt words is the begging "F". I forgot
to erase it. And It was found by the house owner. He got angry very much.
It may be unfortunate. But actually I can't excuse because He was invited by me.

Go out in the unlock

It is a trouble decides to be ejected from this house. I went out in the unlock
when I went to school. I didn't forget to lock and I went out in the unlock
of my own accord. Because The door already was opened a half when
I went out and I misunderstood that someone is doing something at outside. 
Then although I wondered the situation and I sought someone, no one is
here and I went out in the unlock. Because I thought someone who go
out to do something, bring baggage etc, is embarrassed is in the lock.
The reason was to forget to do lock by another house mate. But I couldn't
choice a correct decision because I just moved there. Although I thought
I should have told it to the house owner, I didn't as I didn't know about
him and I didn't have a time enough. Finally, My trust was lost because of
happing some trouble by me. So, The End...

When Trouble3 was happened, I receive the message,
"We have a serious problem so I'd like to talk with you.", to mobile. and
we have a discussion for two hours. The owner minded that no one
happened some problems during a few days. And he worry about what to
happen by me in the future despite past housemates was younger than me
and I already worked for some companies. The owner must protect their
security or keep providing his service. He didn't say directly to want to
go out. But the result we had the discussion is that I have to be ejected
from this house.

I  think the problems over and I'm surprised at it too. I think I had a 
inconsideration in pasted one month when I arrived in Toronto. My friends
said me that the owner is strict too much. But I may decide it same one
if I'm a owner because of being happened some problems by me. Probably
I should think that I'm happy to have a few responsibility in the contract
society which is more heaver than Japan.

So, I will come back to the homestay. I asked hostmother who I stay at
before homestay and I can stay in another homestay which is grandmother's
house. Although I must move to new house within one week, I'm happy
that she give the house very much. In the emergency I lost the house, 
some friends worried me. Thank you for worrying me when I got confuse.
Speciality, It's helpful for me because before housemates try to ask
housemother directly. I would like to restart and do my best to study,
hangout and find out a job at new homestay.

Lastly, The massive earthquake attacked Japan. I knew my family and
friends is safety. I'm happy it. But I'm impatient that I can't share the
issues which Japanese people got serious things. I hope they can get
normal life quickly.

Talk to you soon!


Homestay is first time in my life. I worry it because I haven,t never stay
by homestay. But I think I stay at a nice host family. I can spend lively day
as there are a lot of roommates.

Host family
I stay at the Philippine family which is three people. I can familiar to stay
there easy as I studied at Rerejob.

He is a reticent father. He help the housework, cut many meets, clean a meal.

She is a host mother who is so cute. She often talk to me similar to
real mother. So kind.

He is one son of the family. He is high school student who is friendly
and like music. Nowadays, I feel him that he is the period of rebelliousness
and adolescent:) He has battle to Aurora sometime. I think the student of
another country is the same. He has a girl friend. He likes to
"Apple" and his PC is affixed a seal which is Apple logo, He uses "Safari"
for browser. He is into my Macbook and iPhone.

There are four roommates excluded me at my home stay. My classmate
said it is many people when I ask them. It is pleasant because of living
with a variety age or country.

He is a peacemaker who is profound. In his country, He is a financial analyst.
He came here to study English in taking a long vacation. In Japan, we can,t
have a long vacation, one month, two months, I'm envy it. I thought he
is older than me. But he is younger than me, one age. However, I'm top
of older in this house.

Actually, He is a "Gian"(DORAEMON's character). He is a International
student of pharmacy who is tall and cool. But He is a rowdy fellow and
naughtiness:) He is to be "Movie's Gian"(Gian is kind at the movie) about
twice everyday. I try to teach "Gomennasai"(I'm sorry at Japanese) to him.
But he is a friendly and good. He usually invites me when he go to
somewhere and same school and also my room is beside his room.

He likes a girls and huge breasts. He often check some girls,
so no gentlemen. He is a international student of electronics. He often
sleeps at home. We talk about girls in the morning. He is friendly and I
talk to him easy. I wonder if I'm also no gentlemen...

He is a nice guy very much. He is international of construction. He has
a girlfriend who waites for him in Korea. He already speaks English and
I can depend on him. I heard from him that he feel easy to study English.
Because he have to study more than in Canada.
At university, study about construction is very hard. He likes beer.

Nine people live in the house. Specially, I can hang out or talk with roommates
likely real brother. I may get a experience similar to the big family. I didn't think
that home stay is comfortable here. I'm gald to stay in good family.

Talk to you.



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