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I'm just in long weekend! This Monday is holiday, is called "Thanksgiving Day".
On the long weekend, the most of people goes out or has a dinner party.
TV show has a program for the traffic jam. It seems that the day,
"Thanksgiving Day", is to thank for something. In my case, the host family,
my friends has lived in invited me to their dinner party and I could have a time
to fun on this weekend. That is just "Thanks" :)

I wrote about the trip to Vancouver. Actually, I also went to Seattle in US
on the trip in one day! You need to take 4 hours for one way to get
to Seattle from Vancouver by the bus.

Although that is the schedule tightly as leaving early, getting home late at night,
it is the city of port which is difference from Vancouver.

Port and Seafood! We walked belong the sea shore, ate a clam chowder
which is one of famous food. But the mention to the clam chowder I chose,
the taste was something wrong for me even though it was the day of
recommendation lol I think you should choose the standard clam chowder...



The First Shop of Starbucks
There is The first shop of Starbucks which has the parts of difference are
look of the shop and logo in Seattle. The Starbucks was founded at the
place. There are goods you can buy at the shop only. Be careful of getting
wrong! Because there is also another shop, NOT the first shop, using 
same logo at near place. We didn't know that by the way and took a picture
at "another" shop lol


Safeco Field
And I should mention to "Ichiro" if I write about Seattle! The base of 
the Seattle Mariners is in the place so Seattle. It has a baseball stadium,
"Safeco Field". Unfortunately, they didn't have the game at the time but
we could go to the stadium to feel the atmosphere.


The board of Ichiro

The board is also written by "Katakana"(one of Japanese character).
That is for Ichiro only lol I am wondering how the board was when Johjima
who is one of baseball player in Japan  was the player on Mariners

It seems that Ichiro couldn't get 200 hits on last season. Just get I'm sorry! 
As the season is ending, I would like him to take a good rest and make
excite to see many hits on next season.

The picture is below I took a picture when Mariners came to Toronto.
Canada has one of Major league team, Toronto Blue Jays, only in Canada.
And Mariners has the game withe Jays sometimes!

The topics is about the trip again as continuing from last article.
Anyway, It was not just refresh or getting something on the trip, 
there was the things I lost :(


Cell phone

Handle of suitcase

Bath towel

About the cell phone, I lost on the trip as writing in last article
(suppose to have lost in Seattle). The handle was taken off at the first day
in the trip at the Vancouver airport without notice...
I mostly need to use the part ;(


About the Bath towel, in spite of home-stay, it had gone when I have
gotten home in Toronto. The towel was one of them I brought two
from Japan.

The cellphone and the Bath towel, I bought new one. I could get a same
cell phone with it which I had cheaply. In addition, it was the last one
they has sold without the battery charger, I don't know why.
And I could also buy the Bath towel for a half of price.
Because the shop is just on sale. I don't know if it was lucky or unlucky...

By the way, it was fine to be able to get home in safe :)

Talk to you soon!

Ready for Working Holiday

Although The language school began and I,m into understanding or
understanding everything by a hair, I wrote the entry that I did to prepare
for going abroad. This is thing that I wanted to write before here.
As I will go to Canada soon, I took various steps for it;(
I didn't have time as I researched it and took immediately because I took
homework at lately summer holidays when I was student.

Foreign moving‐out notification
You formed to a foreign moving‐out notification and turn in it to a public
office. You need to bring an identification papers, a license etc.
And You can be to not take the National Pension and the Health Insurance.

National Pension
The terms, from resigning until going abroad, was exempted because of
submitting the paper of resigning. In future, Receiving national pension
is necessary to take over 25 years(30 months). Moreover in going abroad
case, you can also include the term, ''the term of blank", when you stay
in another country.

Health Insurance
You don't have to take a health insurance if you submit foreign moving‐out
notification. I have remained to not take it after resigning because of
not getting injury and sick. The student who is supported from his parent
may remain to take it.

Foreign tour insurance
I have took a foreign tour insurance which is for one year for
the contingency and getting illness. I'm indemnified from fee of treat
injury and illness, also damage of air baggage and .carrying things.
A doctor's bill is free in Canada, however I think that you should need to
take a insurance because tourists is not. In my case, I have taken a insurance
which I have already taken a life insurance.

International driving permit
You can apply it by driving permit and passport. You can get it immediately
at Center of driving permit. Need application fee. The shortest is about
two weeks when you apply it at police office. The term of validity is one year.
You can't update it. After receiving license, you have to sign it by written
in script. I wonder if the day when I drive a car will come.

Mobile phone
I have had two mobile phone, docomo and softbank(iPhone).
I have't canceled a docomo(only phone number) because I had to pay
cancel fee which is 100 CAD and I can contract for 10 CAD monthly.
I cancelled a softbank. I will swap it if I can luckily find a person who back
to Japan and have a Canadian iPhone because I can,t use iPhone in Canada
for SIM lock. As new iPhone is launched on this june maybe, I don't want
to buy it.

To live in another country may be difficult so much, from own country.
There are a lot of things which I have to do. Before going abroad, I had
to hurry to bank because I forgot to get a certificate of balance which is
necessary for entering into Canada in Working Holiday. Moreover I hurriedly
departed  in statement which baggages wasn't fixed as I could put into it.
Also now, there are many issues! As I knew issues after coming here,
this challenge become survival condition more and more. I don't know
whether I can survive. Hung out!

This picture is my room at home-stay. it always warming. It's good.

Talk to you soon!

The qualification of Java

I got the qualification of Java recently.Yeah!

I got it because I read a article by anything
that Software company in Australia let Java engineer to get it.
I wonder it in Canada.

I develop Java application. But I studied it neatly.
Shown bellow.This is the my studies.

I tried to answer Java Programmer only once quickly.
I tried to answer Java Programmer Problem collection Three times neatly.

The result is passed it as correct answer rate is 75%(it passes by 58% or more).
As The examination is often likely Java Programmer Problem collection,
I think it is easy perhaps.
As you try to study problem collection
if you have a experience is Java application, I think you can passe it.

The qualifications of IT
Although I have got some qualifications step by step since I was in IT industry,
I have got mainly some qualifications that is effective in foreign countries
It is Oracle and ITIL too.
I think the qualifications of IT doesn't is unrelated personal ability.
And I think it is likely decorations for showing off myself.
There is a possibility is attention at interview
and You may be profitable if let's adopt either because have it.
It is elements of decoration.

There aren't the job you can do if you have any qualifications of IT.
You can do it in IT industry if You say I can do it!

But in my case, I tyr to got qualifications of IT as more as possible
because I have to show off so much as my English skill is no good.

I'm glad if it is come practical use qualifications in some day.

Talk to you soon!



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Japan and 30 years old.
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I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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