May 2011's ARCHIVES

Public bike system "BIXI"

BIXI Toronto is a public bike system. The new service was launched from
this May in Toronto. I went on a cycling tour alone because my first day
to work was changed to next day suddenly.


BIXI station

There are BIXI stations, you can access for 24H, anywhere in Toronto.
The station is activated by solar panels that power the entire station. 
Montreal also has same service.

The fee for rent is $5(Taxes not included). And There are extra fees
each 30min. I was surprised that the fee was total around $30 for rent 
in 4 hour so I misunderstood that the fee is $5 only. The extra fees is
$8 each 30 min over 90 min... Expensive...

This is just a transportation to move in downtown if my mind is correct.
You can rent and return during 24h if you rent once and you don't need to
pay extra fees if you repeat to rent and return within 30 min. Right???

Anyway I could have a nice cycling time with good weather. But I consider
that the service is unusual in Toronto yet so it was launched recently.
Everyone looked the bike I rode. And when I took a break at park, someone
asked me about the service and then I borrowed my bike to someone to



At the time, I went to west along Bloor St, popular Street, from downtown
and went to High Park, big park, then I took a break. After that, I went to
south from there and I got Ontario Lake and I went to east using course
of cycling along the lake. Cycling is nice in sometimes :)

Talk to you soon!

Front of application development

I am in three days' holiday. 23th(Mon) is holiday, Victoria Day. It is birthday
of before queen. I am enjoying something fully, having a dinner or playing
soccer etc. Exactly. It's holiday for a moment... After quit my job, I run to
the front of development at once and I take days to program everyday
though I had had blank for 4 months. It's shock therapy without term of
rehabilitation ^^; I feel exciting with having several means because they
give the project of developing Android Widget in relation to Java.
For around 2 weeks, I have faced to learn how to make Android Apps
with feeling cry a little bit and I just got better bit by bit. Although I had
been with Web development, Mobile Application differ. I have got to be
on my guard so I have things which I don't know so much. Even I am
described functional information, I can't image how to programming!
I haven't seen this situation since I was hired at a first company.

Development Mobile Application Company
I want to introduce the company , I work, again. The company, were
founded 3 years ago, develops mobile applications. They has around 17
employee. The office is at suite where you can get there by street car
from downtown and is in building which has shopping mall and offices.
Their main field was Web Application Development until a few months ago.
But they seemed to shift their field to Mobile Application Development.
They develop Mobile Application of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
Of course, they can also develop Web Application. The employee, is over
half of all, are developer. There are many Asian people in employees,
Korean, Chinese, India. Japanese is only me. Their running style is one
project manager has some of project and developer make applications
alone or with team. In this connection, all project is entrusted development
without outsourcing.

-Work hours : 9:30-10 to 18-18:30
-Vacation : 2 weeks(except holiday)
-No health benefits(*They are planning to roll it out soon. But I'm not sure.)

This is my offer. Work hours is like free though it is defined briefly. One 
co-worker come at 11AM. Another co-worker leave at 5PM. The result
is important, not time. Daily work description is not. And of course, dress
code is casual. They roughed me so I clothed suit on the first day :)

Setting environment
On the first day, I did "Setting environment", It is common in IT industry.
It is to set laptop they gave. The laptop is Windows 7 PC. I was given it
after making account on that laptop. Then my boss said...

"Please setup environment of developing for Android."

Just that.

There are no manual documents for setting, it's common in Japan.
I can and I could do that. But I didn't think I had to setup with no information.
So I said that I don't have an experience to develop Android Apps in
an interviews. However the manual documents mat not be necessary
because you can figure out anything by searching yourself in near years.
Even it was mede, It will be done away with because of no maintenance.

After that, as he said "I will give your mail address. Please setup it."
Then I waited for that with installing mail software. But they use Google Apps.
In addition, It is Free edition. Google Apps is groupware with using own
domain.Though they are one of company, using Free edition gave me
to feel like foreign company. I was surprised at that because the company
, I worked before, use it with Premier Edition to security running availability
etc when they introduced Google Apps. Although developer life in Canada
is begun with feeling speedy or different culture from first day like this,
I got a reliable friend.

He is a student of University of Toronto(U of T) who joined at same day
with me. He came in Toronto 5 years ago from China. He will graduate
this summer and joined this company on intern. U of T also is an university
which this company's employers graduated. The my seat is beside of him.
We have a lunch together and back to home together everyday. And he 
teach English to me in spare moments from his work. So He is a reliable
person for me. He care of me because when he came, he can't speak English
vert well then he spent hard time. We will have a time to play soccer
so he loves soccer too. He also try to learn how to develop iPhone Apps
hardly in iPhone Apps development team. I think we will have relation
for long time.

I spend to learn how to develop Android Apps only more than study English
right now. There are many thing I don't know like no time to chatting
with co-workers... Moreover I heard one of employee was fired, a few
days ago then the pressure was on. I asked another co-worker about to
fire employee. It is common in Canada. Employer can fire their employee
using some reason if it is during probationary period. I checked my contracts
again then my probationary period was 4 months.

I have to output the result steadily..... One will weep on tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!

The only successful example

The work was started from this week. I am in like the storm of English
and new technology everyday. I dive to Canadian development
workplace and I am surprised at several things of difference from Japan
so much. As the industry is trend because of mobile application, days
was through quickly. The first, although the term I worked was only one
week and there are many things I would like to write about, I would like
to write how to have been able to dive to the company in my case.

I applied this company's opportunity on craigslist. That is the biggest
classified site I introduced at before entry. The process I got was the
normal way to find out job in Canada. After sent e-mail on craigslist to
apply, I though two interviews and I got the offer to work. It was directly
interview without a phone interview.

The first interview
Interviewers were two people, a woman who is recruiter and a man who
is technical leader. On this interview, I began to apologize her for call "Mr."
on e-mail because I made mistake when I contacted her to arrange this
time :( I wrote questions which I was asked on this interview.

-Could you tell me your experience and your project which you have?
-How character do you have?
-Do you have an experience which you developed something using Mac?
-Do you have an experience which you developed something using
  HTML5 or CSS3? And What do you know about that?
-Do you have an experience which you developed something using
  iOS or Android SDK? And What do you know about that?
-Do you have an experience which you developed something using
  jQuery? And What do you know about that?
-How do you get information about information technology?
-How do you think about mobile application in the future?
-Could you tell me the programming processing which count each
  characters from this string "EASTERN EAST"?
  *The string is dummy. Actually the string was the company's name.

Exactly the questions were about iOS or android SDK so the company
develop mobile applications. As I understood, I talked about Java's
experiences, used on android or Blackberry, or GAE's experiences so
relate Google when I explained my experience. And last question was
about programming processing like developer. Although a man, technical
leader, could understand my answer fortunately, I answered using talking
in spite of giving a paper and a pen;) I explained the processing in mind
using "Map" with assumption of Java.

The result on first interview was appeared at the time and I was decided
to move on final interview. I remember that I struck a triumphant pose
on way to go home because I hadn't passed an interview. I sent e-mail
to her for thanks after that in not forgetting.

The final interview
Interviewers were two people, a woman who is President and a man who
is CEO. I thought the offer is almost decided in Japanese final interviews.
But it was different... This interview was more tough than the first
interview. So there are many technical questions.

-What is selector in CSS?
-How do you think about iOS? And what do you feel difficult?
-How did you use jQuery in your experience?
-How do you make code for care of a shortage of memory?
-How do you get current location using map system like Google Maps?
-How long time do you want to need to learn new technical skills?
-You might change project each 2 weeks in the minimum case.
  How do you think this situation?
-You might have extra working time or working on weekends when the
deadline is coming. How do you think this situation?
-How much salary do you hope?
-When are you available for working?
-When is your VISA expired?

I had to answer for hard technical questions even final interview. In the
question about dealing with map system, it had means if I could notice
cache extra information which you don't need to show. I felt like mobile
application from that question. And I hoped my salary is like new graduate
student in Canada for least.

For the result, I received this e-mail from a recruiter on the day and
I got the offer from CEO next day. "You did good on the interview. CEO
will contact you and will give you the offer." The recruiter sent.

Answer patterns
I got a job in this way. I made some answer patterns because of through
some interviews.

-When I am asked about a technical question that I have never done.
"I don't have the experience to develop using something. But I can do it
because almost developers have to search something they don't know."

-When I am asked about hard work in deadline of software development
is coming.
"Sure. I worked for Software companies in Japan for seven years. You know.
It is common in Japan. So I am Japanese and I finished marathon
then I run 42.195km. I am so tough!"

I got a job using answer patterns like this. This is the only successful my
example. It is important that you take many time for interview exactly.
The first I have many times I couldn't answer even a phone interview.
But I became to be able to expect what interviewer say even I can't listen
all through some interviews bit by bit. And although the words of question
is difference, I can answer smoothly so there are similar to questions.
But I had a time I couldn't understand questions sometimes. Then I talked
a lot of something and I talked about that topic especially if interviewer
got good reaction, nod ;)

The company I apply
And I changed which the company I apply little by little. In the begging,
I sent e-mail to almost company is hit by my search, using these
keyword "Java toronto" on craigslist. But I change the company I apply to
company is included these categories, "software / qa / dba" or
"web / info design", not use search so I want to include development of
Web sites not just Java in the latter. I noticed to be excluded jobs in
"GTA"(Great Toronto Area) if you search using "toronto" keyword. This
mean is downtown of Toronto. By the way, when you apply to a job on
e-mail, you should send cover-letter with your resume usually. Cover
letter is a part of explaining about your experience on body. The following
is my real mail body with cover-letter. My cover-letter is very simple.

Hi, my name is Shinya Hasegawa, I am a Japanese Software Engineer living
in Toronto. I am enrolled at the XXXX Language School and will be a student
until April. I have a Working Holiday visa until Feb 2012. I am looking to find
a job in Toronto to use my English and professional skills and I am interested
in developing my skills with a Canadian company.

I am especially interested in your job. I have attached my resume to this email
and would love to speak further in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading my email.
I look forward to hearing from your shortly.


On the interview, I often talk myself more good. I got a task to develop
android Widget alone, thank for that kk Moreover deadline is until this
month. I am challenging new technical skills, android, in English everyday.
The first month is important for anything. I will be member of this
company if I complete this task definitely. Do my best!

This picture is at near big park. I went there for "Hanami"(Japanese activity
to see cherry blossoms) with no alcohol.

Talk to you soon!

Stand at ready....

I have a good news feeling so happy. The news is sooooo happy.

Finally, I got a job!!!

It is one of result so I apply to a job many times, I couldn't have reply many
times, I have call interviews many times and I have interviews many times.
FInally, I got an opportunity to work at Canadian company. There is the
opportunity through two interviews after applying. The company that
develop smartphone applications mainly, iPhone, android and Blackberry,
is founded 3 years ago. Although they has 17 employee, a few people,
They has excellent developing skills because of having customers of famous
company in Canada. The questions on interviews also has technology catch
on so much, of course there is Web technique, HTML5, CSS3 etc even
including iOS and android OS. So I though the company is sensitive
about technology. After quit my job, finally the time is coming to back
to be one of developer. The term when I developed something alone also is.
I am so happy to work hard together with other developers even though we
have to keep dead line in team.

I have stayed for 3 months in Toronto since arrived. In the first one month,
I have made many new friends, known the difference of culture and
enjoyed fresh of English language so It was like travel. In the second month,
I was ejected from share house, couldn't pass exam of school and also
couldn't get a job easy. I knew severity real bit by bit. And in the third
month, everything was no good. Exactly the month was like in the dark.
I could change the stream of my life to good direction little by little
because I continued to go to school, apply to jobs, go out to town
even though I got the situation. The yell of my family and friends
helped me very much. They take care of me everyday and even there are 
friends tell me to the way how to find out a job. I could get one of result
by them. Thank you.....

This is video which I remembered quickly when I got the offer. Although
I am impudent, my feeling is like Tadanari Lee, Japan National player
and got a goal at final scene, on standing at ready. But the end is not
comming. It is beginning right now. I is dying for joining the field of
developing in another country. In addition, the field is the edge of field
, smartphone apps development. The smartphone industry is an arena
of rival between warlords. Especially, I would like to keep my eye on
that "speed".

The time is coming, I must prove things that I talked on interviews and
wrote on my resume, moreover I try to use my skills. All of environment
is first time in Canada, workplace, skills, ways and developers.
What something is same with Japanese, difference from Japanese.
Wondering if my skills can pass....

In Toronto, I met many country's people. Everyone has image to Japanese
, Smart, Creative equally. This is the result of Japanese predecessors's efforts
I am sure that my opportunity was also helped by them. I have to struggle
so hard to be true to their result. Japan National Developer.

The stage is coming. Change!

Talk to you soon!
*I would like to write about the process and interviews on this opportunity later.

Do you like dance?

It is the story when I joined an event that was organized by Meetup group.

The event is a dance party which was organized by Toronto friends group
and I haven't joined. The party was to charter at one pub, I have been to
some time, with drinking and dancing. Almost of  participants were elderly
people. Of course, there are nobody who I know, I try to be with a group
which I talk like easy. When we introduced each other through and are to be
frank bit by bit, everyone began to dance with dance music. Then people
of our group didn't go to the dance floor immediately like not like doing
that. I asked an attractive mature lady whose I was with because of
wondering if they did't like to dance.

"Do you like dance?"

And then they looked each face and asked something each other.
"You, you, you, " Finally, they request her to do something, who wore
red dress and she was willing to agree something.

So... the question which I asked with wondering simply was the words
to ask to dance with secretly.

"Do you like dance?" = "Shall we dance?"

I understood the situation and stood up on the dance floor.
Lastly, I put my hand on her waist.......

English has a part of indirect expression.

By the way, I was stopped dance in the way by her. After that, I sew that
she enjoyed to dance with other middle-aged man and I got loser minds.

Talk to you soon!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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