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Housing Situation in Toronto

Last weekend was in the term which is called "Black Friday", you could buy
good deals and that biggest event to buy something with cheap in US.
Also Canadian news was reporting the event at like shopping mall in US and
my friends was going to New York(I believe they are in shopping trip).
"Black Friday" is like popular event even in Canada. In the Japan case,
Is it similar to "New Year Sale"??

Anyway, I would like to write about housing situation in Toronto.
There are two types for housing,  "House" and "Condo" in Toronto.
Home-stay which I live in is a house. I can't seen the apartment type
easily like Japanese apartment, in Canada.

Basically, house has a basement. Some of house doesn't have second floor.
I am also living in a room is at a basement floor. Toronto has much snow
so that they are making some special things to make them comfortable
against cold. For example, entrance door is double or stairs is put in front
of entrance door for snow. Heater is installed in house. It is working anytime
and makes you warm in winter. Although you can't get up easy on winter
in metropolitan area in Japan, it doesn't work here. Some houses which has
a backyard also has BBQ stand and I used to see BBQ event on last summer.


Condo is called "Mansion" in Japan. The entrance of condo is auto-lock
and also there are securities. It has a basement parking or a parking structure.
It seems like modern housing. I am surprised at providing a gym or a pool
in each condo. That is called "Okusion" in Japan if it has a gym etc.
"Oku" means million in Japanese. In this connection, you can have a pet.
Houses is built in the suburbs mostly. In contrast, condos are also in downtown.
It has upper 40 floors basically and I have been to there some time. Then
I can see a beautiful scenery. Especially, the condo, which is in near
Water Front area where is at south of downtown, is excellent because
you can see Ontario Lake from there. I hope to live in condo in some day!


There are for rent on both of them. I guess you can rent it by $300 upper
each person if the case is share with others. Condo is almost expensive
in comparing with a house. In my opinion with living in a share house,
if you can find it by $400 to 500 a month at the place where is not far
from downtown, that is good deals. You can also live in downtown if you
make $700/month.

The points for finding a house...
-Furniture for taking over

I wrote my no reliable opinion which is written by me who was kicked off
of a share house and is living in a home-stay.
Keep rules even if you could find good house!

Talk to you soon!

Make Application for LMO

I wrote about LMO is required to get a Work Permit at before article here.
That is "Labour Market Opinion" which is like a license to hire foreign employees.
You can't apply for a work permit unless your employer doesn't have it.
It is difficult to get LMO in Canada where is not good economy because
they need to secure labour market for their citizens. But I have to pass it
over to stay for second year and start getting LMO a few months ago.

I had a meeting about that issue with my employers some days ago and
they made a decision to apply it for me in this month! At the time, I knew
that they had applied it for another employee. But they failed unfortunately.
Moreover they are in process to apply again on second times right now.
It was easy to share about application for LMO because they have already
knew. But they also said "Getting LMO is difficult for us." so I need to brace.

They don't have result it yet which is in process even passed 2 months.
So it is hard for me who has a visa which will be expired on coming February.
I have no time enough to take. The process time to apply for LMO is 4-6 weeks
officially. I will be in trouble because I also have to take a time to apply
a work permit even though we have LMO fortunately...

For the limit issue, there is the way which you can extend your visa to extra
90 days if you are in process to apply LMO or Work Permit. It might help me out.

There are two essential points that are important to make application for LMO.

- To proof of it that employer put the offer of a job for Canadian citizens
exactly and could not hire.

-The foreign employee who has special skills which Canadian citizens
doesn't have enough. And how is important to keep your business.

The first, you need to proof of putting advertise of hiring to labour market using 
craigslist or monster etc which is hiring web site and not being able to hire
employee who has the skills. In our case, we would make something
documents of advertisement(hard copy?) to hire and list of applicants who
were not hire with the reason.

The second, it is evidence of that I have skills which Canadian citizens
doesn't have. For example, at the Japanese restaurant, it could be reason
for hiring Japanese people if you need to use Japanese and make sushi.
In my case, I am planning to focus to "Android Developer". There is not many
Android users in Canada where iPhone and BlackBerry are popular.
It is the reason why it is hard to hire Android Developers. Exactly, head hunters
contact even me via Linkedin or Monster. It seems that job seekers has
advantage. I hope I can be on this wave.

I guess that to get result to apply it is over this year. I have to be back to
Japan in less a month if I have no visa when next year is coming.  I can't
know what I do in even near future. I feel I am walking a tightrope in this
process. I am just wondering if I am getting well.

I will start making documents of application for LMO with my employers!
I know that is difficult.But no going, no application. Hang on!

Talk to you soon!



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