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What a narrow!

The just looks is very nice about the building.


The front side is...


So narrow!!!

The building is containing offices, shops, and restaurants in downtown of Toronto.
The building which looks is ver nice has been built in very small place.

In addiction, the back side has a strange large picture like windows lol


There is a small park beside it. I don't know why it has been built there
and painted. It seems to be just useful because some shops and
restaurants is joining. And you can take a memorial picture of a wedding
at the front. Also at the day, some of couples were taking it with their family.  

Moreover, the building which looks like it I told isn't just there.



There are the buildings in Vancouver and Seattle we went a couple weeks ago.
I'm wondering if the looks is popular... It is making a riddle!? 

Here is the place of the building which is in Toronto :)

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Talk to you soon!

Debut to the client?

Being busy of late! I am working on multiple projects, fixing issues on
previous one and developing a new app in new project. In fixing issues,
I have to take immediately if there is something issues. About new one, 
deadline is coming on late in this month. That is multi-tasking so that it
seems to be getting more busy... I am wondering how the projects is because
I need to work even at my home sometimes.

In the situation which is in issues and development,
I went to the client office at the first time!

The client which I went is one of the greatest company in Canada.
The issues hasn't been settled easily on previous project so they held
the meeting including me, who is a developer, to share the design exactly.
The reason was like disgraceful? at the debut lol

I want to explain about the project a little. It is the development of software
for Android and our resources are two people, one project manager and
I of one developer, mainly. The other side, my employer and technical chief
support us about technical design. And the software has been delivered
to them and it is being tested by the client.

The day before to the client, the project manager said
"Shinya, We need to go to their office tomorrow."
And it was decided I also get them. At the meeting, I went with usual clothes
because he told me I didn't need to be care of my clothes.

The building where the office is in was big at middle of Toronto
as one of the greatest company in Canada.

In the taxi to the office,

"8 floor in the building is really awesome! There are many things like cafe
or magazines etc so everything is there!"

"But we will be just 9 floor!"

He explained lol

When I got there, I could make sure the building is so big even it has
a terminal for taxies as I expected. It has an automated gate at the entrance
as well as subway. It seems to be keeping high security. That is like Japanese
big company. The thing most of impression is about their office, the looks
was just the office we can see in the hollywood's movie. There are some private
rooms fitted with glass for executives and each employees were working
at the seat separated by partitions.

At the meeting, some employees joined from the client. That is exactly
their looks was casual. Moreover they talk to our project manager like
friends. I thought to seem that it is foreign countries.

Of course, they can speak English very well except me and it was so hard
to just understand what they discussed about... No, if anything, it was very
difficult to follow their conversation. So when they asked to me as a
developer, I passed to my project manager not to care them if I could
understand :) I chuckled if I thought about why I was here unexpectedly lol
Though the time was not really that I could think it...

Not just Japan, I made sure again the function design can't be made decision
unless we control them well(This is the opinion for developer. I think
there is also different opinion). The technic is important to make decision
about design which developers can make easy. The skill to explain "why"
is needed to realize it and I think I don't have the skill enough to explain
that in English. It taught me to have to fix a difficult issue :(

In this way, although I debut to the client as I didn't expected the case,
I am sure that my English is not really well... I could just go through at
the time because I joined as one of developer. But I must improve
for the near future...

I have to touch "English" rather than studying!

Talk to you soon!


I'm just in long weekend! This Monday is holiday, is called "Thanksgiving Day".
On the long weekend, the most of people goes out or has a dinner party.
TV show has a program for the traffic jam. It seems that the day,
"Thanksgiving Day", is to thank for something. In my case, the host family,
my friends has lived in invited me to their dinner party and I could have a time
to fun on this weekend. That is just "Thanks" :)

I wrote about the trip to Vancouver. Actually, I also went to Seattle in US
on the trip in one day! You need to take 4 hours for one way to get
to Seattle from Vancouver by the bus.

Although that is the schedule tightly as leaving early, getting home late at night,
it is the city of port which is difference from Vancouver.

Port and Seafood! We walked belong the sea shore, ate a clam chowder
which is one of famous food. But the mention to the clam chowder I chose,
the taste was something wrong for me even though it was the day of
recommendation lol I think you should choose the standard clam chowder...



The First Shop of Starbucks
There is The first shop of Starbucks which has the parts of difference are
look of the shop and logo in Seattle. The Starbucks was founded at the
place. There are goods you can buy at the shop only. Be careful of getting
wrong! Because there is also another shop, NOT the first shop, using 
same logo at near place. We didn't know that by the way and took a picture
at "another" shop lol


Safeco Field
And I should mention to "Ichiro" if I write about Seattle! The base of 
the Seattle Mariners is in the place so Seattle. It has a baseball stadium,
"Safeco Field". Unfortunately, they didn't have the game at the time but
we could go to the stadium to feel the atmosphere.


The board of Ichiro

The board is also written by "Katakana"(one of Japanese character).
That is for Ichiro only lol I am wondering how the board was when Johjima
who is one of baseball player in Japan  was the player on Mariners

It seems that Ichiro couldn't get 200 hits on last season. Just get I'm sorry! 
As the season is ending, I would like him to take a good rest and make
excite to see many hits on next season.

The picture is below I took a picture when Mariners came to Toronto.
Canada has one of Major league team, Toronto Blue Jays, only in Canada.
And Mariners has the game withe Jays sometimes!

The topics is about the trip again as continuing from last article.
Anyway, It was not just refresh or getting something on the trip, 
there was the things I lost :(


Cell phone

Handle of suitcase

Bath towel

About the cell phone, I lost on the trip as writing in last article
(suppose to have lost in Seattle). The handle was taken off at the first day
in the trip at the Vancouver airport without notice...
I mostly need to use the part ;(


About the Bath towel, in spite of home-stay, it had gone when I have
gotten home in Toronto. The towel was one of them I brought two
from Japan.

The cellphone and the Bath towel, I bought new one. I could get a same
cell phone with it which I had cheaply. In addition, it was the last one
they has sold without the battery charger, I don't know why.
And I could also buy the Bath towel for a half of price.
Because the shop is just on sale. I don't know if it was lucky or unlucky...

By the way, it was fine to be able to get home in safe :)

Talk to you soon!

Trip To Vancouver

Toronto seems to be getting Fall. Actually, I am feeling cold like putting
on a down jacket or a coat because the temperature dropped to under 10℃
some days. I suppose that winter is coming quickly :) The winter is
the second time... Nope, arriving on last February so it is the 1.5 times.
This winter I'll really go to snowboard!!!

Before coming the winter, I was given a vacation and went to Vancouver
in trip. Vancouver is a familiar city more than Toronto for Japanese as
the city hold the Olympic game in winter last year.

English Bay
The part of difference of Toronto is to have sea. I could smell a sea breeze
and listen sounds of wave I haven't seen both of them at "English Bay"!
There are driftwoods, a bronze statues feeling funky...
Mention to the statues, to take a picture with posing like it is standard
in tourist. Of course, I did! The place where there were many couples
and families at is peaceful. It is great that you see sunset at the place.



Stanley Park

"Stanley Park" is the most famous place in Vancouver sounds like you
must come! Sea, Forest and totem poles!!! It has the course of cycling.
You can rent a cycle at near shop provides to rent bicycles and go cycling.
I fun cycling with choosing a tandem bicycle. I don't know why lol
I did the tandem with my friend whom I know since I was child.
That was so funny because I've never tried "tandem" and two guys who was
a classmate each other in Japan are doing "tandem" in Canada. Though
Toronto also has the service you can rent a bicycle, I really like cycling
in the nature! As Stanley Park has huge fields and I could see less than
a half of them,  I would like to go around in forest slowly if I have a time.



Lynn Canyon Park
The valley has a big bridge. "Lynn Canyon Park" is similar to
"Capilano Suspension Bridge" where is the famous place like Stanley Park. 
My friend who lives in Vancouver told me and I got there. You need to
buy a ticket, around $30. In contrast, the place is free! You can get
by bus on the sea called "Sea Bus" like a ferry. The bridge is the excellent
view which hangs on deep forest in long trees like it could be "The Canada".
It made me thrilling as so swing and so high!
It was in deep forest that's why you should be care of bears.


Vancouver is wonderful nature. The nature is really one of part is difference
of Toronto. At the trip, I enjoyed nature like "this is Canada". There are 
skiing mountains at near there so that is cool to live~

Meet Again
By the way, though we went around with 4 people including me in the end
at the trip, it was a strange trip which we joined individually and left
individually. Because one of them lives in Vancouver who is my friend since
in Japan and arrived in Canada on same time with me. Another one who
is also my friend, we met at our language school in Toronto and spent longest
time with in Toronto, lefts to Japan. Last one who was a classmate when
we were students of an elementary school was coming to Canada in his
vacation. We joined each at the day of difference at the place of difference.
The trip had the mean "Meeting Again", "Leaving", mixed variety things for me.

Especially, The meeting my friend lives in Vancouver again was thoughtful.
He is also same generation with me and came to Canada using
"Working & Holiday" on same time even though difference of an aim.
We met before our abroad trough other friends who we know both because
of the reason that we were going to Canada in similar case. We quit our job
to go abroad and had a promise "we will meet again in Canada!" easily
at the pub with sharing anxiety and hope. I was so happy to realize the promise.
The first thing made me thoughtful was to be able to meet again with lough
and confidence though being changing our aim and thought which we 
thought at coming. I am just wondering when we will meet again next time...
Thanks a lot for giving us a good time with our some of selfish in Vancouver.
I would like to make next time.

And I really thanks my friends are living in Japan for giving the time to meet.
We could  have wonderful "Meet Again". I am looking forward to having
a time to talk about our story to them again!

There were many thing at the trip. The time to turn on is coming in my mind.
I just achieved I could have a vacation at my job and the promise to meet
again was realized in Vancouver. Also I could meet my close friend
from Japan and hear about my friends lives in Japan. In addition, one of
close friend in Toronto who I have knew since we were language students
has gone to Japan so I expect my friend's connection in Toronto will be
changed dramatically. Anyway, It seems to lose rather friends...
I lost my cell phone in the trip and lost my contacts of my friends in Toronto
like hitting me on good time...

Fortunately, I went through hard working in this a couple of months.
So that I think I didn't take a time to meet new friend enough. My life in
"Working & Holiday" is just in the second half. I should back to
a beginner's spirit once again and find to meet a new friend with the
mind which I started.

...But the days when I was worry about "be fired" also back because some
bugs was found on previous project nowadays lol

The beginner's spirit should be kept!

Talk to you soon!



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