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GDD Phone


This is GDD Phone! Two years ago, Google gave us it which is an Android
Develop Device, out of selling, when I joined Google Developer Day 2009.
I got from Japan hurriedly because I need to use it for my private use to
develop Android app.

Actually, when I got it, I haven't use smartphones and it felt me cool
after that my betrayal have me buy iPhone :P Since that I haven't used
this phone. Nowadays it is my proud of buddy like I can't be without it.

In this way, I have felt destiny that I use this in Canada.
The Google Developer Day, not hold in Canada, will be hold in Japan
on this year too.

Google Developer Day 2011 Japan

One of event in events Google hold and many developers will be come.
Everybody should be going to be getting excite if you are in IT industry.
This is a chance that You also ask any questions to Google Developers directly
or see the special products relate to Google! You might get something
if you join like me ;)

In this connection, last year I talked about my study in a few time lol

Talk to you soon!

Mission Almost Completed!

A some days ago, my first project had almost finished. That's why about
"almost". Because of in testing by customer right now. But I suppose that
there are some issues yet...

The First Project
I spent to work on this project around two months a half. It is the first time,
to work in Canada or in English and to develop Android app(widget correctly).
Everything was the first time for me so the term was really tough. Because
I restart the thing I read Japanese web site to get comfortable, which
I stop since getting here, in this term. Currently, I am getting better for
their environment a little bit.

Looking back upon this project, I suppose that the process for the project
is same with Japan. There are some point of difference of if I have to say,
there is no waste think on whole of process. That are documents, meeting
or information given etc. The meeting is hold four times within two months
a half including two internal reviews. I mention to reporting to my schedule,
my boss asked me "How's it going?" sometimes just only :)

I worried if it is going enough so I tried to share by making documents to
know my status using Google Docs.  Because to share something is important
normally... In the communication to customer on email, they forward it
at the important point if it needs. They didn't send too much like using CC.
Though the forwarding took the days after decision... These email they send
is good to study English. Because it is written using the sentence I can't use.
So Internet dictionary is working anytime.

It is Just not to make source code on this project. I also mede some brief
manual documents for user. Of course, I have never made English documents
I use some sentence from several sample when I found lol But I don't know
they already see that.

On this project, I developed like software to generate Widget for Android.
It can customize some styles and I got hard to the customize function.
It is thoughtful to see someone use the widget I developed in Canada~

The Next Project
Although I managed to almost complete the first project, next project is
already going through now. Next also Android app development! And
fortunately I have a chance to develop an Android app for one of web
service in Canada. They look to get 50,000 users. I don' know if I can do
or can't in hard on next project too. But not hard to know technical things,
time might be hard on this time... I guess to be "Android Developer" after
completing this. cheers by myself.

Work Permit
By the way, Already I spent over a half of year in my Working Holiday life.
The time to work for is more than to study at language school. I have done
one project and I could show up one of result finally. So I look to try to get
Work Permit which is my final target in this Working Holiday life. This is
high aim that I can't do alone. This is biggest issue I have to pass over to
go through for next year to live in Canada.

In Canada, I should mention to Toronto in this case, I need LMO to get Work
Permit. LMO is like the proof to be needed for hiring foreigner by company.
Though the rate to get it is high if you can even get LMO, to get LMO is
so hard.
In Canada, the unemployment rate is high, the reason to to hire foreigners
is needed to secure citizen's hiring. For standing the reason, you have to
proof not to be able to find good employee in spite of hiring or why you
need to hire them. I can't pass through the issue unless my company
support. In Canada, iPhone and BlackBerry is the most popular, I think
that my position, "Android Developer", is one of advantage. The first,
I must ask them that they have a mind to support me to get Work Permit.

So I am just wondering what I will be doing and where on next year...

It might be in Canada, Japan or another country... Nobody knows.

Talk to you soon!

Pride Parade


This is a look of Gay Parade called "Pride Parade" which was hold on last July. 
It is the biggest event, whole of city hosts, in Toronto.

Pride Parade Official site

Some group which people is supposed gay go through on Yonge Street
where is one of long street. The rainbow flag is the symbol for gay.
In Toronto, there is gay street and rainbow flags is also hoisted at there.


At the time, the event is really  hosted by whole of city. Not just citizen's
groups of something, Some of policemen or firemen also joined them in
looks like proud of something Pride The bus, which changed the signal of
destination, also joined like this. the police car sounded a siren too much.


Their performance was getting extreme with going through the parade.
And finally, the people who was just naked was coming. The thing, that
They went through after a group of policemen, is like surreal!


As this event is one of biggest event in Toronto, many tourists was coming.
We got there early time a little so we could enjoy at the front row fortunately.
Although the position is the best, I got strange thing that a man, whom
we made a small trouble with when we got it, was keeping touch to
my body on the parade... It seemed to a private parade for me.

Talk to you soon!

*I got these photographs from my friend who has seen the event together.
Because I forgot my camera.... Thanks Hisa!

Newspaper in Canada

My birthday is coming in Canada! I reached 30 years old. That age feel me
adult . Not only mail, I also got many message for my celebration on SNS,
Facebook, twitter and mixi. What a useful generation. Thank you for your
nice message makes me heartwarming. I am happy to get the birthday
on this situation I keep my job. I still have many things I want to do or
have to do so never getting safety and I keep going also this year!

Today, I would like to introduce some newspaper in Canada.
These are free newspaper you can get in Subway station or on the street.
I can see people who are reading it on the way to get the office or school
in morning in the bus or subway.

It is written about Politics or Economy even entertainment.

Mainly about entertainment.
P8033399.JPG P8033400.JPG

That two newspaper is famous in Toronto. Although the media using
paper is getting hard time because of smartphone in Japan, these
newspaper is still working enough. They are getting better by using
technology, write about today's tweet on the newspaper or provide for Web
and smartphone app. In Japan case, I heard it is so hard to change style
flexibility to provide people to get good information because there are
complicate system to make books. But I think there is a chance for a
publishing company like this newspapers if they keep doing the best to
follow this time because they have good content. But there is big
problem for supplier between a publisher and customers.

Today's tweet


The articles is difference of each area. They provide jobs information and
housing information so they close to local. It is written by French
when I went to Quebec which is called French Canada.

French Version

My teacher who teaches English at Language School said "You should read
newspaper to study English everyday because of free" Exactly, there are
local information so you can read easily and it fits to study English.
The information about British Royal Family, Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen
is there in many times in this connection.

I can recommend to read these newspaper also for touching Canadian
culture if you come to Canada.

Talk to you soon!



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