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The events on my office

It comes to the climax on my project in my first time since I worked
in Toronto. There was User Demo for my project a few days ago and
It felt better and I felt relieved for a while. It seems that there is no problem.
Because I didn't meet customers on face to face to make so I could't feel
their mind. There is no thing I have to change its design in daring. After
a little bit modified, QA will start testing. But some of bugs will be found
so much....

Though I took my time to work in this company for a few months, I am
making Android app, it's not only, there are many events like another country.
Here is the articles about that.

Bagel Wednesday
The discussion time is hold every Wednesday each around 30min. They
prepare many Bagels and we discuss the news of mobile application with
bagels. For example, When new iPhone will  be released or the rate people
has BlackBerry is high in Canada. In China, the adapter is sold which you
can change your iPod touch to like iPhone forcefully. One of Chinese
co-worker said lol This is good chance to learn English for me. I can't
understand if I don't care about discussion even a few time so my brain
is working on totally.

Happy Birthday
At Birthday of employee, we have a time to celebrate them. Someone buy
some cup cakes at shop where is same building. Some of candles is put
them and sing a birthday song by everybody.
Happy Birthday to you~~~
Although it is natural, The culture is same that we put candles to cake
and sing a birthday song. After that we drink some alcohol, which is in
shot glass, without stopping. Everybody have it their one of hands and
just drink! I suppose to mix  whisky and coffee like Kahlua liqueur.
I am just wondering that.

It is called "Potluck Party". The party style is each people bring some food
themselves and they share them, It's sounds from Western countries. There
was once to have this party. I was so interesting in these food because
my company has many nations, Canada, Korean, Russia and China etc.
In this connection, I couldn't cook because of Homestay so I bought Sushi
rolls at super markets near my office and brought. But I couldn't make my
co-workers feel so good because another Korean guy brought nice Korean
style SuShi rolls kk

Beach Volleyball
There is no sea in Toronto but there are some beach. These place has
the courts for Beach Volleyball and you can play at there in summer.
The event, almost employee join to play volley, is hold these days.
We made two team in my company and we have some game against
others we don't know. I can have a time with someone whose
I haven't talk to usually in my office and had fan. Although I play soccer
regularly, I have never imagine to play volleyball with some nations kk
They said we will play volleyball every week but I am wondering
if it is truth.... In the end of summer, I will be well tanned.
Actually we had today. That's twice!

My office, has some events like that even in 2 months only, is exciting.
My project is getting calm down and I have a chance to talk to
my co-workers little by little. By the way, One guy who likes card game,
"Magic The Gathering", joined newly and he teach me that on lunch time.
I haven't played card game, have played poker card only. It is difficult
because of using English so I am trying anything greedily!!! Nowadays
many things, I have never imagined, is getting more.

Congrats NADESHIKO JAPAN!!!(It is nickname for women's national soccer
team). I watched a historical moment at sports pub. The competition was
not popular enough in here because Canadian team lose on group league.
So the older gay who is beside our table cheered Japanese team kk
At the pub, the match for Brazil on Copa America is provided on same
time and Brazil lose behind Japanese match so there are some of feeling
about sports. It is like Canada to fit some of needs for several nationality.

Talk to you soon!

Ontario Driver's Licence

I got Ontario Driver's Licence a few months ago. When I came to Toronto
with International Driving Permit. But You cannot drive for 60 days only
in Ontario so I got it. You can exchange your Japan Driver's Licence to that.
In the motorcycle case, you cannot exchange.

Ontario Driver's Licence
Expired day is after 5 years. I am just wondering if the day come it updated...

International Driving Permit
Bigger than passport.

Actually, you can use to ID so it's useful. When you go to PUB or night club,
It is required you are with ID. In the Driver's Licence of another country case, 
it might be ID because your date of birth is written on the Christian Era.
But Japanese licence is written on Japanese imperial year so that there is
passport only for ID in Japanese. Nothing is there if you have this.

The fee is $100 totally for your application. Although it a little bit expensive,
as they don't confiscate your Japanese licence in Ontario, It is recommended.
There are the providence which do that. Depends on your providence.
If you have the document which is translated japanese licence to English,
You can get it on the day. But The translate will take around a week.

More detail is here about application for the licence.
*a quotation from Toronto Life.net

I have been to Niagara Falls  twice by a car using these licences.
Even the first time to drive in here, I got from downtown and got
on highway. It was like natural because the driving was with making
mistake that wiper was working I thought it was a blinker :) Of course,
Though I got a fright for a left handle and right rail, I was getting better
early. The difference is between left and right might be not there.

The thing is surprised If you have an experience you drive in Japan. You
can get to turn right when you want to turn right(left in Japan) on the red
traffic if there is nothing cars are going on. I didn't know that on the first
time. Then some of car sound their Klaxon to me. I suppose that it is
effective to solve the traffic jams. In this connection, the highway
admission is free!

Talk to you soon!

Transport situation in Toronto

I take buses to get my office everyday. I haven't taken a bus usually in Japan.
But I have to transfer bus to get my office in Toronto unexpectedly lol
It is comfortable to take a bus because I can often sit on seats.
There are subways, buses and street cars in Toronto for transportation.
And you can get anywhere easily within Toronto.


Toronto has two subways(actually four) which are called "TTC". All of
transportation is called TTC including busses and street cars. That is funny.
You don't need to show your ticket to get on subway if you already get on bus.
You also don't need to show it to get on bus if you already get on subway.
Because entrance is connected subway and bus. You can get on each
transportations, subways, buses and street cars if you buy a ticket.
Moreover to get on is not complicate, not like Japan, you should buy one
way ticket only, price is $3. They sell metro pass with monthly or weekly
and it is different of price for occupation. The monthly price is $99 to 120.
You can use automatic ticket gate to enter plat home usually at station.
It is funny. there is human gate to enter kk

I am surprised at out of service on weekend sometimes. Although not
all service, there are out service time even to downtown. When it is out of
service, there are service of buses despite of subway. Addition, start time
of subway is from 9AM on Sunday what lazily.

I mention about manners. Everyone keep doors calmly when they are late
to get on. In Japan, that is an illegal way completely and you would make
 the station staff angry. But that is common in here. Moreover they feel
gentlemen if you keep door for someone when someone is late to get on.
In spite of that,  the station staff close door so quickly. I suppose that they
don't safety check enough. The dogs can get on and you can bring even
bicycle within the time allowed. In the buses and street cars, they have
carrier to attach bicycle. About dogs, there are no dogs which bark.
It was unexpected thing. I have never seen a dog is barking. I am
wondering if how to bring up is difference from Japanese. The noise from
headphone also is mentioned generally in Japan. Many people are with
the sounds to out of ear. Even there  are person who listen music loudly
from headphone with not putting on. They are free about sounds.

They drive so rough. You can't stand up unless you catch somewhere
when it stop.

Street car
They are often going in downtown. The way to get on is almost same to
bus. Although they are running on the rails on street, the driver change
the route manually kk

I think transportation is well in here. In the winter, you don't need to be
outside to get there and there are the times to get on even they keep
by over 1AM so I have no words to them. Toronto is small city but nice!

Working is also there tomorrow. And It is the day of user demo for
application I am making! Come on!

Talk to you soon!



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