December 2011's ARCHIVES

Last day of 2011

My mother and cousin is coming to Toronto. We went to Niagara Falls yesterday. I really unexpected that I was going to be guide for my family in foreign country. They seemed to be happy so it was fine to get in Canada.

Rainbow from Niagara

Last day of the year is first time for me. But Christmas is important event in North America if it compares with New Year event. So they call "Ending and New Year vacation" to  "Christmas vacation". Before the vacation, our bosses was visiting to our clients with Christmas cards and gifts. That manners are same even though the time is difference. And to say "Merry Christmas" at the last day of office in the year is Canadian culture.

Moreover after Christmas, 26th was the boxing day when you could buy in discount price at anywhere. There are many good deals like 50% off and their shopping malls were opening early morning. Instead of that, they closed early time at Christmas. If I compare with Japan, it seems like getting new year early for a week(New Year is big event in Japan). You feel Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve. At the time,  didn't know about this situation so when I joined Christmas Party with my friends, I made mistake that I couldn't get my drinks though I had to bring it because all shops were closed ;(

Christmas Tree at Eaton Centre on Boxing day

That Christmas was passing over, tomorrow is on the last of the year. Toronto also has countdown events at several places. I also is planning to join the events with my family. I am wondering when I spent new year with family before... In more ten years, I think I haven't seen the time. It makes me strange to have the thing in Canada which I haven't since 10years ago. But it would be great memory.

I could have many great experience on 2011 as I wrote on last article. My company applied for my LMO, which you need if you want to get Work Permit, before Christmas vacation and the things, which I was going to plan before getting in here, were almost done with many help by other people. On the article of same day of last year, I wrote that "Year of Rabbit" means "Jump" and that is fine for starting new things(That is traditional fortune‐telling "Eto" in Asia). As "Eto", I am glad to get 2012 in still jumping lol The result of LMO will be out on next January if it's early or next February if it's late. The "landing point" of LMO would make my destiny for 2012. The first, I just want to land in safety!

I wish you have a Happy New Year!

Ending this year

The peak of Christmas is coming. Big Christmas tree is appeared at a
shopping mall, some of people is wearing santa hat on their head and
the cars which is put a caribou's horns is driving. At my office, there is
a Christmas tree which my co-workers got from anywhere. That is over
2m and a real tree. Actually they took to decorate it for a couple days lol
Everybody seems to be serious against Christmas. Though I also thought
on Halloween, I am surprised Canadians are skillful on these event like this.
I can't sat anything for their skill of decoration for pumpkin or tree.

The year of 2011 is closing when that Christmas is finished at last. 2011
was a year of having many means in my life certainly. Going abroad, living
in Canada, enrolling to a language school and getting a job in Canada...
These gave me many new experiences in this year.

I think that a thing, which I could be making new relation with friends in
Canada, is the most important in all things in this year. Yokohama bred
me, the places, high school, university and office which I enrolled or joined
was in Tokyo mainly. So that I had never moved to other city. There were
my family and friends in close place where we can see anytime. And I
had never built new relation in new place. At the time when I arrived, I
could make friends in language school. But they were almost leaving
when the term is finished students studying abroad. Although they are
not here whom I met at the time mostly, I can be making new relation
with people who I met at the office or other a little by little. Recently,
I can believe to have great time with them if I can be here. I don't know
when I need to leave but I am happy to have that relation meekly which
we can keep in touch for far future. Not relation to language problem,
I might not be far "be Globalize" that I have an image before arriving.

Anyway, long vacation from next week! All co-workers got a long vacation
from 24th to January 1st. Canada also has days off in the year end and
new year as same thing with Japan. In the vacation, I am planning to go
to snowboarding etc. I have never tried snowboarding in Canada!
I am really glad to have a time to do on foreign country!!! I brought my
stuffs of snowboarding from Japan except my board truly. Moreover
we will be with a Canadian Boarder who is a co-worker from Calgary!

And in the vacation, my mother and cousin will be coming to Toronto.
That is much thought full because I haven't seen for about a year.
Of course, I will guide them in Toronto sufficiently. Do the best for guide!
I am really looking forward to this vacation.

Talk to you soon!

iPhone in Canada

Toronto was getting snow a couple days ago. Aldo temperature is minus some
days so that thats is cold! I can keep body out very hard when I am outside.
You must have gloves or a muffler.

In the days when is getting cold more and more, hot news is coming.

The thing is "I got iPhone4S"!


I past for 10 months in Canada. I bought it at last. Though I was looking
to the time to buy, it has already past 10 months after I arrived. When I was
in Japan, I have used "two mobiles", normal cell phone and iPhone.
Because Japanese carrier which is providing iPhone has weak network to
call and connect data. And to have "two mobiles" is popular in Japan
unfortunately. In Canada, I am used to have "two mobiles", normal
cell phone and iPhone3GS which not SIM card installed as sim locked. 
Moreover for a period, I broke the iPhone so I was going with "three mobiles",
normal cellphone, iPod and electronic dictionary lol
I became "a mobile" finally!

SIM unlocked
SIM unlocked iPhones are sold by Apple store in Canada. "SIM unlocked"
means the specific model which you can use it with any carriers in the world.
I mention to Japanese case, You can use with docomo and softbank, they
are mobile carrier in Japan. I also bought a SIM unlocked model. The price
is regular if you buy at Apple store, not mobile carrier shop.
For the reason 64GB I bought was around $950. Although you can get
discount opportunity if you buy at mobile carrier shops, you need to have
contracts with carrier for 3 years. In this connection, almost major Canadian
mobile carrier companies is selling iPhone so that I think consumers for SIM
unlocked model are out of residences like tourists.

In addiction, you can do "Tethering" with a SIM unlocked model. "Tethering"
is the function you make iPhone to Wireless modem and you can connect
your PC with internet via your iPhone. You can use this function with 
softbank and au which are mobile carriers legally in Japan because they
is killing tethering function. In Canada, many coffee shops and restaurant
provide free Wi-Fi spot so that you don't need to use this function.
It is very useful in Japan where doesn't provide it enough.


Contract Plan
At the same time when I bought, I changed my contract plan with mobile
carrier. So far I have used Solo Mobile and not had data plan to connect
Internet. That's why I added the option you can use 500MB limited by
$25/month. It is $60/month I added the plan $35/month I already have had.
The feature of Canadian carrier is no plan with data unlimited. You need to
pay extra fee if you is using over 500MB. Fortunately, there is the function
to see usage of 3G network so you can check your usage.


My recommended apps
Relation to iPhone, I want to introduce good apps for living in Toronto.

You can see route maps of TTC.

That is official app of metro is free newspaper in Canada. You can read
articles of newspaper on the app. As you can use offline, save your
network usage if you download articles at home!

Official app of LCBO.  you can find place and information of shops
nearby! You can get alcoholic drinks anytime anywhere!

Official app of TD Canada Trust. You can get if you have Canadian Apple ID.
You can check your balance and make transfer on this app.
Except TD Canada Trust, there are bank's app.

Video Viewer app. You can put videos which is in PC to your iPhone
via Wi-Fi using wireless. You can watch with subtitles if you put it.
In my case, I am watching English dramas in the way to get office everyday!

Although I heard a rumour that docomo which is biggest mobile carrier
in Japan will start selling iPhone next year, I am wondering if they will
support "Tethering" if that is truth. So I can recommend to buy iPhone
which is SIM unlocked as a souvenir if you get Canada.

I wrote about iPhone as I was glad...
But I am an Android Developer!

Talk to you soon!

CN Tower

CN Tower!

CN Tower!!

CN Tower!!!

CN Tower!!!!

The symbol of Toronto, CN Tower!

The direction which you can see CN Tower in is south!
Toronto is built on the a grid pattern system so that you mightn't be able
to lose your way if you keep that.

Talk to you soon!



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