At this December, I resigned from the company that I have worked
for about 4 and a half years. 
Thanks for paying much attention to me
and everyone pleasantly saw me off  so much.

The company is small and medium-sized enterprises
which has 10 employees. I was invited from a person who was a coworker
at same project at before my job and  I entered.
Then, during there isn't a fellow worker help me
and I participated a project alone, it give me to an environment which has
person of teaching, person of target, respect to person.

All members who has a spilt of independence are people of rich individuality.
I joined it too, I think combining to be honored. 
Because It is a small company which has 10 employees,
I could see the company clearly and I could be entrusted with a lot of things
and I could get the several challenge.

the opposite to it is divided vertically into divisions,
I feel it is slightly different to a big company.
Rather than the enterprise, It may be a community of free engineers nearly. 
In the favor, I spread my vision of things, I could has a conception
which is unhesitant and flexible against something.

I could get a lot of experiences only at small company.
It is also the project of renewal web site, the project of starting up
new solution and being organizer of some events.
In main tasks, There are the time sometime when I think
it is troublesome to do the tasks. But now, I really feel each experiences
is related with each other and useful somewhere.

For I was in the environment, It make me to try to "Be Globalize" and decide it.
Although I resigned, I will happy to do something with everyone, 
each company or each individualize.

Thank you for your kindness really everyone. 
In addition, Thanks for your some heart-fully support.

It would be greatly appreciated when it will be possible to repay
the kindness in the near future though there might be the future
and a thing that public and private matters multiply both troubles, too. 
My best regards in the future. 
Moreover, it sincerely prays for more and more activities of everybody. 
Thank you repeatedly. 

The end of 2010.The year has a lot of things, move the home, marathon. 
I think It is a year of prepare for going to Canada.
And 2011...The first time is that I gets excited to be next year.
I heard "Rabbit year"(It is Eto called in Japanese) is Year that brings luck
for start to new things, because rabbit does "Jump".
The first, I will go to drink and I welcome the New Year with being mellow.

I wish you a Happy New Year!



Hi I'm Shinya Hasegawa
I was born in Kanagawa,
Japan and 30 years old.
I'm IT Engineer of year 8th.
I'm challenging globalize
by IT engineer.
I arrived in Canada on February 2011.
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