The trip to West Japan(Hiroshima/Kumamoto/Beppu) Part1

Drifts into the World.
Singing The song of the journey course with rolling.
(The Japanese song's lyrics is translated into English.)

And so I went to trip during taking few late summer vacation. 
I don't sing it and I write my article.

Hiroshima and Beppu is for meeting friends who live in there.
Kumamoto is for seeing the Kumamoto Castle.
I want to see the Kumamoto Castle.
Because I read the episode before that However Kiyomasa Kato promised to 
show Hideyori Toyotomi the Kumamoto Castle,
He cauldn't achieve it and He died in "Sekigahara", a history novel.
But this episode is fiction perhaps.

The Atomic Bomb Dome was the most impressive.
I felt it is strange that  there is a building like such a time slip suddenly,
however the surrounding of Hiroshima Station prospers considerably.
I think There are foreigner's tourist more than my expectation.
I know it first time that Hiroshima mayor continue to
send Letter of protest about atomic bomb to foreigner's senior officials,
for example American, from end of the war.


I'm good to comming there before I go to canada.
I can't speak it so much as I havent experienced it.
But I can tell it when I show some pictures to foreigner.

In Kumamoto, The trip was all alone.
It is twice experience continues from France alone trip some years ago.
It is wonder I become openhearted and get excited
if I'm in the unknown place alone.
But I recognized it again that was an important of language as I was alone.
I felt I wasn't alone because I was able to talking to
local people at hotel or pub.
I may think the trip's pleasure is communications to local people.
In the France's trip case, I felt alone especially
because I was able to communicating and I was often alone.
I should make full use of this feeling to my challenge next year.


And so the Kumamoto Castle.
There is Stone wall of twice types.I heard the inclination is different.
Because the making skills of stone wall is improved
by the change of generations is Kato family to Hosokawa family.
The delicate skills supports Japan now.The professional things is important.

This article is finished as It is a little long.
To be continue next time.

Talk to you soon!



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