Japanese Restaurant in Toronto

There are many restaurant in Toronto. Although Japanese restaurant is almost provided by Chinese or Korean, some of restaurants has Japanese employer or employees. I would like to write about Japanese restaurant which I can recommend in Toronto as there are good restaurant like in Japan.


Guu Toronto


Guu SakaBar


Probably Guu is the most of famous Japanese restaurant in Toronto. They have two branch in Toronto and those atmosphere is "Wafu Izakaya"(Popular style pub in Japan). As they provide popular menu of Japanese pub like "Karaage" or "Yakitori" etc, you can feel drinking at pub in Japan. Specially, You can make them happy who are not Japanese. But it might not be suitable for chatting because the floor is kind of noisy like Canadian pub. They also have some of branches in Vancouver.



That is like "Teishoku-ya"(traditional restaurant). They have Sushi, Tonkatu and even Hot pot like Sukiyaki. They also have a Japanese style party room so you can make a party if you want. The looks is totally traditional Japanese style which is old and built by wood. It is really old home for me. When I had a rice, since it is made from Japan, the rice make me cry a little lol I can recommend if you miss Japan!



Kotoi is a restaurant like small pub which is built by private owner. Since there are many Japanese pub menu, Yakitori, Oden etc, it is good for having a beer time after working in Japanese case. When I came over before, some Japanese worker who wore suit was drinking a couple of beer. Also the have Sake and Shochu so I can recommend when you want to drink with Japanese.

Recently I think Japanese restaurant is increasing little by little because new restaurant is opened which name is "DonDon Izakaya" like Guu and I heard a rumour about Yoshinoya is coming to Toronto(famous Japanese rice food restaurant). If it compares with Vancouver, I think Toronto where no many Japanese are in is getting better to live for Japanese.

DonDon Izakaya

Also I knew Ematei and Koyoi recently and Japanese immigrant people told me. There are people who has grown in Canada, graduated for Canadian university or became immigrants after Working & Holiday visa etc. Since they have lived for long time, they really know about Canada for especially Japanese as I thought. Nowadays I can make a time to see them and have been learning variety things from them fortunately. As everybody has good story which has in Japanese immigrant only, they are very interesting people. I have no chance to meet them if I am in Japan so that the meeting is valuable thing. Exactly, enjoy every encounter because it may not come to you again.

Talk to you soon!



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