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Toronto seems to be getting Spring because the temperature is 20 degree over some time recently. Comparing with last year, it is pretty warm so pubs where are at downtown begun to provide patio. I am thinking that cherry blossoms which is at High Park will also come into flower early in this year.

Buds of Cherry Blossoms at High Park
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Actually, in this term, it is the season which you should do "Tax Return" which makes your income tax return in Canada. Anybody, had some income in last year, needs to declare. If you are working for Japanese company, you don't need to do by yourself because there is tax return system which is supported to do it by the company. But Canada doesn't. So You need to do it by yourself or hiring accountants. Of course, hiring accountants case is not free. I would like to write down what I did as I was done a few days ago.

Required documents
-T1 General Package
Getting T1 General Package at post office or tax office. The store which is including post office also has it like Shoppers.

Documents of your income and tax for last year. Your company would give it to you.

Making T1 which you fill out basing on T4 and Sending by mail. You can use envelop which is included in T1 General Package to send by mail.

February to April

After sending
The notification documents will be sent with pay check by mail in 4-6 weeks.(Direct deposit also is provided)

*I thank the Japanese web site I referred to write this down below.

T1 General Package is being left at post office or tax office from late January. I got it at Shoppers which is including post office. And my company gave T4 on late February. Mention to T1, I don't think you can complete it by yourself. Because of many things to calculate... So I used a tax calculation service on web.

T1 General Package at Shoppers
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Tax Calculation Web Service / Software
Web Service
That is web service which I has used certainly. You need to pay fee if your income is $20,000 over. But I can recommend because it was easy to use. Once you signed up, the information will be taken over for next year.

Free software for Windows. My friend recommended. That is supporting Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Free software for Mac. Though I used it at the first, it was hard to use for me...

In these service and software, you can just put your information based on T4 to them. it will make documents which is same format with T1 when you complete to put. Then you need to copy to actual T1 document by your hand. And the refund might be bigger if you declare housing fee, transportation fee or RRSP fee which is Canadian pension. I added transportation fee which is whole of fee for last year to buy metro passes. Then my refund is $900 over! It was bigger than I thought. Anyway, it is there if my calculation is truth... In this connection, if tax officer wants you to prove housing fee or transportation fee, you would need to give receipts.

Although there are anybody who hires accountants, you can do easily if you use those of service or software unless you have another income like managing house. I have done in 2 hours with my friend's advice in spite of first time. By the way, Canadian people can do on just web. When I looked down T1 contents, I thought that we might to have no choice except hiring accountants before improving IT industry. Technical improving is great. I am wondering how it is going on 20 years later?? Don't we use paper anymore??

At last, I would like to say what it is going on for me currently. I wasn't busy and have been just "free" since this March though I haven't write new article. As my visa was changed to Visitor, I am a "Visitor" if I need to say. I had worked till end of February like "Helper". I have been a "Visitor" after that. What I am doing so far...

Just just drinking...

Probably, I was a guy who is the least Japanese 30 years old in Toronto :( Except hanging out with friends, I drunk a bottle of Sake and some bottles of wine in 2 weeks(more addition some of beer). That days were unexpected before even though I am just waiting for LMO thing. That is no good things if I have lost some of the intellectual power that I used to have. And I just started "what I would like to do in this time" little by little currently. Unfortunately, the process time to apply for LMO is taking longer time. So you need to take a time for 3-4 months to be out recently. I am thinking that it will be out by end of March. But I must to make any results which is something to want by being back to office(if it is possible).

By the way, I went over library in this morning to do something with excited mind. But The library was closing :( The strike by library works was just started from today and all of libraries were closing in Toronto. I had never heard strike of library workers... How come it was this time!? A lot of difficulties lie ahead of me!

Talk to you soon!

*I received a check in safe later!
I sent the application on March 16th and received May 1st. It took around 6 weeks and a few days. Just for reference.



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