To Japan!

The season is likely mixed spring, summer and winter in Toronto. Sometimes it is snowing or cherry blossoms is out or starting patio service... I think that is Toronto. You can be with T-shirt on one day but you need to wear your down jacket or court on another day. Yeah, That is Toronto. Though the summer is great.

Anyway, I hadn't updated this blog. It had been for more 1 month since I updated before. To be busy and no topic to write was not reason why I hadn't updated. I hadn't just updated for a while. Because I wanted to write about my result of LMO for next as I wrote before that I was still waiting for getting it out. But it is still no answer(already past for 4 months from making application) so I decided to write this article as I did made a big decision.

What a big decision is...

Going back to Japan for next month!!!
That is I am going back on 2nd week of May!

I had unexpected you need to take the time for LMO. I had heard you need to take a time but I didn't think it is more 4 months... LMO is document which is required if you want to apply for your work permit. And It is like certification which Canadian company, which want to hire a foreigner, have to get.

In Canada, There are three major processes if a foreigner try to apply for a work permit.

1. Get a Job Offer(From the company which can be a sponsorship to get your work permit)
2. Apply for LMO by the company and get
3. Apply for your work permit and get

To get a work permit has processes above. We are on "2" now. We applied for LMO on last December. It has already past for 4 months. Thought the process time is changed by year or season also your job title, you need to take for up to 3 months recently as it is not still out in my case. After this April, I am getting the response "It will be out for next week" every week and eventually still no out.

I have past for 2 months since I left from company on end of February. As I have expected that it would be for 2 months in maximum at the beginning, it means time over is coming. There are some of reason, contract with home-stay etc, to why I am leaving and I made a decision to leave from Canada on 2nd week of May! But I don't know I won't come back in this time. I have an option to come back if I hear a good new on LMO thing as there is a way to apply for a work permit from Japan even though I got back to Japan because I was waiting for long time and I wanted to stay in Canada for 2 years at least!

In my current feeling, it is half and half of mind which I would like to totally go back to Japan and come back again to Toronto honestly. In this 2 month, I was much thinking why I came to Canada for and what I wanted to do. My mind which I want to work in anther country as IT engineer made me coming to Toronto and fortunately I got a Job with Canadian company moreover I could get a new skill to develop smartphone app so far. And about English, I had had no experience to go abroad to study English like even TOEIC score is around 400 at the beginning. But now though I cannot get it in casual conversation sometimes, I can understand what they are talking and can talk what I want to tell in a little. So I think it is not bad to return to Japanese society in this time and I might not have to stay more 1 year. But as "Continue" is really important to improve everything, I am feeling sad about the thing which I need to stop the life, I was keeping for up to 1 year in Canada, by a matter is out of my control. Especially, I am feeling to be making something going to next like mainly human relations also English level. My mind has mix I did enough! and just beginning!

But I will stop this situation just waiting for. In this time, I will go back to Japan and get back my control to decide, will prepare to return to Japanese society at first. Though I imagine how I will return, I would like to ask to my family, friends or my seniors before getting an answer. To come back to Toronto will be just one of my options on that process if it is a good news.

It might be a little bit negative article but don't worry. It doesn't work to me actually. As I haven't been back to Japan for up to 1 year, my face keeps smiling on these days lol Because I am really looking forward to seeing again my family and friends in Japan and talking about my Canada life. Also some of family and friends got a baby so nice to meet is coming to me. May will be busy for me! To guys who are in Japan, I will tell about more details like official date to back etc later. To guys who is in Canada, let's have some drinks though this time is strange like I might be able to come back! Would love to have domestic beer!!!

Cherry blossom at High Park

Talk to you soon!



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