Canada and Japan Part 2 -Seeking a Job-

Just completed short term job a few days ago. I am on "vacation" again. I had three months when I don't have a job since this year started. So I became a person who really prefers long vacation lol Now, I would like to write down about a theme, "Seeking a Job", which is serious issue for "Seeker". My article will be for IT engineers mostly but I think concept, the way and mind, is almost same with others so I am glad that you read those things.

The first thing for seeking a job is to make your resume. It is like "Rirekisho" in Japan. But some of parts are difference. You don't have to put some information, your picture, birth of date and sex. As experience and record are more important than those information in Canada, you don't have to include on your resume. Here are required information.

Name, Address, Contacts(Tel/Mail)
Education(School name and Major)
Career Experience(Company name, Job tittle, Term, Summary)
Skills and Certification(Programming language, OS, Hardware, Software, Tools)
Your Targets in the future

That is resume which has those of information briefly in around 2 pages at most. Especially, they don't have a basic format so you can make it free. Of course, it not necessary to write by hand. In my opinion, to make simple is better than to make cool design. It is easy to read for interviewer on the interview.

It is real my resume which I had used on the time to seek. At the time, I asked my English teacher at Language school to review it.
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Where? How?
There are some of ways, at web site, with agents and on newspaper, which is to seek a job in Canada. I think the part of difference from Japan is that you don't need to take a complicated process. You can apply to a job easily without making account on web site and just you can make a call in the newspaper case. Surely, they have a big web site like "Riku Navi" which is the most famous website in Japan. On the web site, needing to take a time to register to use. But most of web sites are providing the service which connect to Linkedin which is web site to seek a job so a little bit easy to make an account if you have an account on Linkedin. I would like to introduce the ways.

<On Web Site>

That are famous classifieds web site in North America. Not just seeking a job, you can do to rent a room, sale/buy and make a community on the site. Everyday, they are updating the information. You can send your resume to mail address is given on if you find good job tittle. I think there are variety of types of jobs from private like contract to permanent. On the jobs, it might be posted by small to medium size company mainly. In my opinion, craigslist has many information in comparing with Kijiji. I got a job offer from the company which I applied on craigslist actually.

Those of web sites are major in Canada like "Riku Navi" in Japan. You need to register your account to use. As wrote before, though it is going to be easy to register if you connect to your Likedin account, still hard. But it has some great jobs like bank and most of Canadian people are using it. I got a phone interview through it but I couldn't get well at the time because my English skill was not good :( Even major company, they gave the opportunity to have a phone interview so foreigners would be able to have a chance.

<On Web Site for Japanese>

That is a classified site for Japanese. It is like craigslist or Kijiji. It has many job information which are at Japanese restaurant for Japanese. There is not enough information for IT engineers. You can find short term opportunity to make web site or design web site sometime.

<With Recruiters>
Canada also has many recruiters to seek jobs. Though it was via Linkedin, some of recruiters contacted me since I got a job in Canada. In my case, they need to be a sponsorship to get a work permit and I was seeking a job with them while a short terms. The advantage of recruiters is that you don't need to choice from many job information as they can bring it which they already selected good one for me from their information. Also you can get an interview soon if it is possible so it might be closer way than by yourself.

You can find some job information on newspaper, Metro or JOB It doesn't have many information for IT engineer but it might be useful for others. The way to apply is by phone mainly.


That is just my opinion, there is "Introduce". When I met new people, I was telling them that I am seeking a job and what I was doing in Japan during seeking. Then they can give good information to find a job which I didn't know also some of guys introduced a company which was hiring. As Canadian people are frank, they can listen to you warmly even if we just met at first time. The target which I can recommend is social place where many of middle and old ages are coming.

Hiring Process
Canadian hiring process has a phone interview, interview and technical test. For example, candidate's document review, phone interview, technical test and interview. As IT engineer, technical test was required. Whole of company gave some quiz about IT skills. I am going to write later.

<Phone Interview>
They will usually ask when you are available for the phone interview but just call you suddenly sometimes. They will give some easy questions about your career or your visa status. And they were asking about software development thing mostly. That questions depends on the position which you applied. It is like resolving when some trouble is happened or real programming thing.

The interviews were with person from Resource Department or senior engineer at first round. After that, you will have an interview with executives. I can recommend you can wear suit for your dress.  As doesn't matter for IT engineer, there are some guys whom looks are casual but it is better to wear suit basically. On the interview, you need to tell your experience and record briefly, your personal information, what you want to be and what your current interest or what skills you want to learn. Those of things are same with Japanese. They will give technical question as well. It is like how to develop easy software. As Canadian doesn't have a concept which is new graduation or not, the question should be on the interview to know your experience and record.

<Technical Test>
Technical test must be on hiring process. They will give before interview or on it. There were many algorithm questions as I had been applying for the position which is "Developer". You might need to take a time for 5 to 30min for one question to make an answer. For example, Please count number of existing of each character from "Shinya Hasegawa". There were variety of ways for answer like on  a piece of paper or on the white board. I think there were many question which are about actual programming rather than knowledge about development of Web site or Smartphone apps.

There are not many hiring information for new graduations. You can find it which is including "For New Graduations" sometimes but it is almost like X years or up experience for IT engineer. So new graduation will take a time to do "Intern". Intern means you work for company without salary like volunteer to make your career. New graduations who doesn't have a experience can be hired at same company or another company as permanent position through intern. Some of them makes their career as intern on summer break. I think you need to take for 3 months to 6 months to get a permanent position. As writing before, craigslist and Workopolis has many intern jobs as well as permanent jobs. Many company has an intern system as it is popular system in Canada if you compare with Japan. But you can hire someone without salary so there is a case which only hire without salary unfortunately.

Today, I wrote down about seeking a job in Canada. I just felt one of part of difference from Japan that they really want to know candidate's "experience" and "record" as resume, intern system and technical test. Therefore when you listen to others, in Canadian case, they say "I can do it!" but in Japanese case, "I might do it..." as no confidence. It is just cultural thing and hard to choose which one is better. You would be able to get a many chance to seek a job if you took Canadian case. And it is better to have your app or web site which you develop yourself as IT engineer. Technical test also works but most of important thing is to show your records which they can just see to prove what you can do. It can be proved your resume too. To make this web site also has the mean in my case. Canada is the country which is positive to hire foreigners for better or worse. You would be able to get a good chance easily if you have an experience and record.

I am saying experience and record but actual work is not hard. Co-workers can tell frankly and they don't have a mind like senior and junior which is like Asian culture so it means more frank. It feels easy if you compare with Japan. You can do well if you are doing the best with being honest and reliable. Don't be afraid!

As I told top of this article, I am on "vacation". Actually, I am in Toronto using this vacation! It has been for 2 months since I left. My mind has already gotten Japanese mind totally but I remembered Toronto life which I used to do now and having enjoy everyday. Anyway, my decision what to do with myself has already been set. Don't want to put on airs. I would like to write it later.


Talk to you soon!



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