Language academy & Airline ticket

I applied to Language academy and I got an Airline ticket recently.

The place I will go is Toronto! The Day I will go is at the beginning of February!
So, I can have reality impression and get nervous.

I decided Toronto where one is staying.
Toronto is top of the Industrial city in Canada. Also There are a a lot immigrants.
I thought a good environment for me who I try to work.
I'm concerned about that summer season is short
and the temperature is cold, Compared with Vancouver.
It may be the same all over the Canada because a latitude is
higher than "Hokkaido(the Japanese the most north place)" in Canada.
Instead, an underground city is developed.

Language academy
In I decide that I go to Language academy, I had two important points.
-Large scale

Of cause, a top of purpose is study English at there.
It is an international environment more and more,
I thought I got the chance that I speak English
and I'm making rapid progress in my English.
To practice is important in everything.
The large scale makes us meet a lot of people.
In addition, I think that we have some connections to them make
makes us worthwhile in Canada's life.
I think it may help me to get job.

The academy I will go is at center if Toronto.
The ratio of students is South American 1/3, European 1/3, Asian 1/3.
There was no Asian at all when actually Videos and Pictures
which were uploaded at Web after I applied. I'm OK???

I applied 4 weeks of General English Program(CA$300/week)
and 4 weeks of a homestay program(CA$200/week).
The first, I take the lessons during a month and I will extend if it is good.
I decided there because It is reasonable in all of Language academy and
Facilities are no bad, cafeteria and a wireless LAN area.

Incidentally, The academy was reported in "Ryugaku Journal(Japanese Magazine)".
I was recommended it when I went to a studying aboard office where is
the school from which one graduated before.
Although I bought 3 issues, be careful please if you buy it for only seek
the language school because the academy was reported
in it is the same in the Canadian case.

Airline ticket
I purchased airline ticket of one way
for according to the day of the entrance of the school.
I considered a round-airline ticket is FIX/OPEN(365 days) but I bought it
because Although it is OPEN, I may pay modified fee if I want to modify
and I can't modify the point of departure.
It is a direct flight of Narira-Toronto. The arrival time is 15:10.
It is first one in to Toronto.
Related to the homestay program, There are also Airport Pick-up(CA$100).
But I didn't order it.
I hope to be not freeze to death all. Am I stingy?

The student life is the gap of 7 years for me after graduation university.
It is the precious time because we can't have studying time in worker.

I think there are a lot of people who want to study as they have own target
after being worker.
As It is a rare opportunity, I would like to devote to play
and study more than student life.

Talk to you soon!



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