Snowboarding in Canada

I went to snowboarding end of last year! I hadn't been in Canada. The mountain was Blue Mountain. You can get there for around 2 hours from Toronto by car.

The mountain is almost like Japan. I can know some of different parts from Japan things. There are lists which is for 6 people. The mountain has special lift like escalator on beginner course which rage is short.

Lift and Escalator

Restaurant has Burgers and Pizza for main deals as I thought lol There is no Curry Rice and Ramen! By the way, They just call "Mountain" instead of "Gelände" in Canada(Japanese calls "Gelände" to snow mountain). Japanese people says "Let's go to snow mountain" as well. I found the wards "Gelände" and it is in Germany.

Blue Mountain is not much big. It has wide and the height is you can get to the top by one lift. I feel one course is about 400m(it may be different on best season). Also it has snow park which set up rails and boxes. No kickers yet because of status for snow. There were great boarders in the park! It seems to be watching Snowboarding video.

I was with Coworkers, Canadian and South Korean. Canadian friend is great snow boarder as he has skied since 3 years old. In addition, he loves to get speed so he uses his favourite goggle which has speed meter. I couldn't pass him over lol

Here is a lift ticket for Blue Mountain. Just sticker and seal with a wire. They don't use a chip ticket like Japanese and don't need to keep a ticket in case. But that is alway bareness. If it is snow, you can't see exactly at last as a picture below.

Ticket after

Although I started snowboarding 15 years ago, it was first experience I did with some of nation people in foreign mountain. I unexpected that I enjoyed it in Canada at the first. Moreover the our car fell into the shoulder of a snow road on the way to return. I could get an experience that we pushed the car with a old bird who just went through. That made one great memory for me!

Talk to you soon!



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