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Time flies, I have just been in Canada on this weekend for 1 year since I arrived so that my visa will be expired and got a Visitor Visa recently. That is temporary plan to wait for result of LMO which my company made application end of last year. The term is for 2 months. I can stay in Canada by end of March certainly. But I need to leave my company temporary because I can't work on visitor visa. It is hard to expalin my status, no jobs or on temporary vacation lol

I made application for that visitor visa by myself as working & holiday visa. Although there is no difficult point especially, I would like to write some of regards to apply.

The first, I need to make to apply...

-Application to Change Conditions
-Documents Checklist
-Receipt for Application Fee($75)
-Photo Copies of Passport
-Photo Copies of Your Current Immigration Document
-Certificate of Your Financial Balance

Download link for documents of application is here.

It is the application for extending your condtions because you already are in Canada. At the point, You must fill the reason why you would like to entend in. And It is better to write the reason as definite as possible. Like When, Where you would like to visit or... Here is my case which I write with definite reason, "I already had studied English and got an experience in Canada. I would like to have a trip in Canada. I am planning to go to Quebec/Montreal or Vancouver on February and March. I couldn't have a trip in this year because I was busy to study and work." I heard you shouldn't write the thing that you would like to wait for getting your LMO or find a job as "visitor" visa.

You need to apply for it before 1 month from the current visa you have is expired at latest and I did before 1 month and a half in my case. There are two ways to apply, mail and online. I made application on online at last. Actually I sent first application by mail. But I changed my application to online thing immediately because I knew that it needed to take for 111 days for getting the visa when I found the processing time on mail out lol At the time, The processing time for by online was 46 days. And I got it on middle of January, took for almost 1 month, safely. The processinf time is changed by season. If you find the time now, 44 days is by mail, 13 days is by online. It is difference from my case totally! I think the processing time makes fast because Canada is just in the season when is getting cold so tourists doen't want to come. As It seemed to worry about illegal overstaying for a while, that was the thing I unexpected fortunatelly.

The processing time is here.

The Visa which I received

In this connection, if the application is by online, you need to make documents, Photo Copies of Passport or Certificate of Your Financial Balance, by the file like image or PDF. I changed the way to online suddenly so the time was not there to make the files  properly as using scanner. So I took pictures for each copies and sent PDF files which I made forcely. In addition, it was so hard to see exact characters on picutres of Certificate of Balance so that docments became kind of careless as just separate it for four peices and scale up... Although it was in success, I can't recommend that way...

In this way, I will stay in Canada by a visitor visa from next month. For a while, I will try to do the things I couldn't do since my job was started as busy, take free English class or develop apps by myself... It is hard a little bite to wait for the result of LMO which nobody doesn't know how response is but I will spend daily with staying positive and keeping looking for variety of possibility.

Anyway, I mention to develop apps, I hit it on Android Market below. Please download this app if you are smart phone users and give 5 stars!!!

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Talk to you soon!



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