The trip to West Japan(Hiroshima/Kumamoto/Beppu) Part2

The continue from before time.

The City is healing and exciting.
I was talked by local people at hot spring so much.
It is communication of all nude even the mind.
In the addtion, as you can watch the guy side from outside,
It is nothing privacy!
I think local girls have the adult mind.But the hot spring is very good.


And The communication to the BEPPU PROJECT members.
The BEPPU PROJECT is specified non-profit juridical person present art
and cheer artists as they offer an environment isBeppu(Correct?).
One of artist in this city is Masamitsu Katsu who guided this city for me too.

I got exciting for communicating to them who try to create something themselves.
I'm watched for a gallery.I like to the feeling is touched my brain
often unuse when I watch a work of art.
I wiil come to Beppu at leisure too.


It was such travel.It is tough trip because schedule is five day only.
But I had an enjoyable.

It was unexpected through this travel, I heard the word is "War" at all place.
I understand it in Hiroshima.In Kumamoto,I heard a topic is Kumamoto Castle
when it was the war of "Seinan".In Beppu, I heard a topic is there are
many old buildings at Beppu city because Beppu city wasn't the front of war.
Although there are many senior people who know war becuse it is at local city,
I think The War was deeply engraved on our mind.

I think I can't understand this sensation when I went to local place.
In addition, I may be up my sensitivity of antenna because I went to there alone.
I want to go to trip sometime for knowing something.

Talk to you soon!



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